Sex and Romance

Married couple on the beach keeping sex and romance alive after marriage.

New Orleans Mom understands that while children may be the central part of a Mother’s life, there’s still a need to make space in your life for you and your partner. Yes, we’re talking about sexy time, and how to find ways to keep the spark in your love life. 

Keeping sex and romance alive in your relationship is a crucial part of Motherhood, and New Orleans Mom is there with ideas, tips, and perspectives to keep the thrill of sex after marriage. Perhaps one of the best venues to reunite with your significant other is at dinner, and our team of more than 30 contributors is always discovering great date night locations. A New Orleans Mom writer found one of our favorite date night spots, a gorgeous, rustic locale that features unique French and Japanese dishes and doesn’t permit dinners under 18.

Like much of the writing you see on New Orleans Mom, our articles on sex after marriage are from contributors who themselves have experience in keeping passion and intimacy alive in their relationships. As our writers often highlight, sex after marriage is a critical part of maintaining a healthy relationship, and our sex and relationship content helps many Mothers answer tough questions about what is a healthy, normal sex life now that kids are in the picture. 

When it comes to keeping your sex after marriage healthy, it takes new ideas and experiences, which our writers are eager to bring to you. From scheduling a night for the bedroom to tips for making out to products that you can buy online, New Orleans Mom has plenty of ideas to help Mothers keep the spark in their marriage. 

Before any Big Easy Mommas make plans for date night, or if you’re looking for ideas to rekindle the spark in your love life, be sure to check out New Orleans Mom for sex after marriage advice, news, and content from other Mothers in your neighborhood. 

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