The 2 Amazon Products that Set Fire to Our Sex Life

spice up your sex life after kidsIf you wish to try out these life changing products for yourself, Amazon affiliate links are embedded below.

A few years ago, I lucked into a small subgroup of a sleep training group on Facebook. The moms there were hilarious and supportive, and the group has been one of my favorite corners of the interwebs since I discovered it. While sleep training brought us together, the group has morphed into a general sounding board for practically any issue a mom may find herself dealing with. The group is made up of women from all across the country with vastly different backgrounds. There are single moms, moms in the midst of divorce, and happily married moms. There are stay-at-home moms as well as business owners, attorneys, doctors, nurses, social media influencers, and everything in between. We’ve even got one mom who’s a swinger! Ooh, so scandalous! (She’s super awesome and actually did a Q&A for us one night because inquiring minds want to know!)

We are also lucky enough to have a few sex and relationship therapists in the mix, so we often have very enlightening discussions about intimacy in relationships… and, more specifically, in bed. Since we are a group of moms with younger children, many of us are struggling with how to “spice up” our love lives during this exhausting/chaotic/wonderful season we now find ourselves in.

One product that came up in the comments sections of one such post had so many personal endorsements by these women I’d befriended over the years, I was more than a little intrigued.

Now I’ve never really been one to have an affinity for toys in bed. Sure, as a single woman in her twenties and into my thirties, I amassed a decent collection. There were “fun parties” I’d attended at girlfriends’ houses where we drank wine and played silly games involving toilet paper rolls and toilet plungers before we watched a consultant give a presentation of potions and playthings that promised unforgettable sex. There were group trips to stores like Mr. Binky’s for bachelorette party supplies – where we also did a little shopping for ourselves. Toys were fine for the occasional solo playtime, but I have always much preferred the real thing. And even with the real thing, toys have very rarely made an appearance. In fact, I only recall a handful of times when my husband and I tried them out.

But this toy they were talking about just seemed… different. While you can obviously have fun with this toy on your own, it seemed the general consensus in the group was that their partners were the ones who were using it on them. And they were getting incredible results.

One friend commented: “There’s a reason this has 30,000 reviews. If you buy it, add a tarp to your cart.”

Well, you have my attention.

The toy at the center of the discussion was the Satisfyer Pro 2, a non-contact sucking device… and, yep, it does exactly what it sounds like. (Oh, and it’s up to nearly 50,000 reviews now.) I added it to my cart and figured I’d spring it on my husband sometime soon.

I looked at some of the other toys the women in the group swore by and decided to try out this couples vibrating bullet kit. It’s a 3-piece silicone set – one for her to wear, one for him to wear, one for them to use together – that all use the same small bullet vibrator. (The downside to this is that you can only use one of the silicone pieces at a time since there’s only one bullet.) The bullet is controlled by a teeny tiny remote. My only “complaint” is that the silicone piece that slips into a pair of panties is a bit bulky, so you’d definitely want to wear it under a dress or skirt that isn’t very clingy or with jeans paired with a longer top.

I had a plan in mind immediately: I had a night out scheduled with my husband for that upcoming Saturday and I would surprise him with the remote on our way out the door. (This is fairly out of character for me.) By the way, if you need date night ideas in New Orleans for that part of the plan, here’s a great list.

My plan worked like a charm.

He was beside himself when I handed him the remote and explained what it was for. Definitely one of the more risqué things we’ve done since we’ve been together.

That night was one for the books!

It started with the remote vibrator, was followed by the Satisfyer Pro 2, and ended with… a bang.

We don’t use them every time we’re in the mood, but they definitely are in heavy rotation. They’re great for quick foreplay since they’re *that* good at what they do, so they’re fun to use when you’re in a hurry (to get to sleep!).

BONUS: During a sex toy conversation, a friend who’s in a long-distance relationship mentioned she and her boyfriend love this one. It’s a little pricey, but the remote app is great for when you can’t be in the same room but still want to fool around.

And if you’re not ready to jump in to toys yet, you may want to start with this highly recommended book to spice up your sex life!

So what are you waiting for? Go get you some!


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