Multiple Orgasms: Are They Even Real? O, Yes They Are!

are multiple orgasms real? Multiple orgasms (in one sexual experience) once seemed like a far-away, fairytale land that didn’t actually exist to me. I guess I thought they were made up or made for movies or something. With more experience and a more open path of communication with my partner, I now know the beauty and splendor of the multi-orgasm experience.

Are they even real? O, yes they are!

It’s true. But every person is different, and I can only share my experience in this exploration. The topic seems a bit taboo, but as women (and moms) why can’t we talk about it? Sexuality is part of human nature and one of the most foundational aspects of any good marriage. So, ladies, orgasm away!

Where to get started: Lady Parts

Understanding human anatomy actually helps a ton in this sex-ploration category. I must admit I felt a little silly googling clitoral stimulation, but guess what…. it’s not a bad word! And the happy clitoris is where it all begins.

No matter which way you pronounce it, there is a small area of flesh above your urethral opening (pee hole) that has 8,000 nerve endings. It’s the most sensitive part of your sexy parts (erogenous zone). This little bit of lady bits is actually the glans clitoris (or outside portion of the clit). Your entire clitoris actually extends inside your body in an upside-down wishbone-shape. Stay with me, this is important: your most sensitive sexual feature is a combo outside-inside feature.

Helping Hands

Turn-ons are different for everyone. Pick your pleasure to get things started. You’re an adult, so you can probably figure that part out. But realize that most women I’ve polled report needing internal pleasure (penetration of some sort) with the combination of external pleasure. You can enlist the help of some hand-motion in the glans (outside clitoral) area or involve a fun toy (note below) but either way, the best way to achieve an orgasm… and potentially multiple is to stimulate the outside and inside simultaneously and repetitively.

Sex Toy Notes: If you look up clitoral stimulation, you’ll find apparatuses that tickle, vibrate, swirl, blow air, and practically do the YMCA. I mean, there is something out there for everyone. While I can’t vouch for each of these offerings, I can definitely see the benefits of incorporating something like this in the bedroom.

The Sexiest Part Comes from Your Mouth

No, it’s not what you think. While oral pleasure certainly helps aid in all types of stimulation, that’s not the point here. TALKING! Yes talking (or showing your partner) about the things you like and enjoy will move mountains in your sex life. A highly-satisfying sex life with your partner can improve everyone’s quality of life. After all, a happy wife….a happy life!

Rachel Hollis, New York Times Best Seller, mentioned something in a book along the lines of this: The female orgasm isn’t the icing on the cake, it IS the cake.

Happy experimenting, and don’t be afraid to open up and talk about your body and what little extras you might need to make your icing extra sweet! Sprinkles on top, please!


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