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The Bayou Has My Heart {And Needs Our Help After Hurricane Ida}

The Bayou Has My Heart {And Needs Our Help After Hurricane Ida} I spent my childhood years “down the bayou.” There are many bayous in South Louisiana, but the one I called home was Bayou...
Living through Hurricane Ida With Kids

Every Louisiana Child Has Their Hurricane Story

“I couldn’t leave …a this isn’t BUT is it Katrina story… I know what it means” I’m supposed to be filling out my FEMA application or catching up on work, because my in laws took...

Transforming Lives, One Wish at a Time

What do we know about a wish? We know a wish has the power to bring JOY amid sorrow, HOPE during despair and STRENGTH to the weary. Make-A-Wish Foundation of the Texas Gulf Coast & Louisiana...
covid-19 vaccine

It’s Ok to Change Your Mind About the Vaccine

Eight or so months ago, I was on the fence about being vaccinated for Covid. It seemed, to me, too hastily sent to market, and I was suspicious. It was unproven, uncertain, unknown. I...

5 Reasons Why Swim Classes Aren’t  Just for Summer

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Safe Swim and South Louisiana Swim Team.   5 Reasons Why Swim Classes Aren’t Just for Summer Is it already that time of year again? School supply lists and...
softball in Metairie

JPRD 8U Softball Wins State {One Mom’s Summer Softball Adventure}

JPRD 8U Softball :: Our Summer Adventure Parenthood is always full of adventures, but this summer was one I wasn’t prepared for. Like many other families, all of our kids play recreational sports. This summer,...
educational options in New Orleans

New Orleans Schools, Admissions Tours and School Open Houses 

New Orleans Schools, Admissions Tours and School Open Houses  Especially as the world is adjusting to a “new normal,” choosing a school in New Orleans, LA is a BIG decision and not one that comes...

Say Goodbye to Shaving and Waxing Thanks to Saintly Skin

Disclosure :: after I personally invested in an IPL treatment for my bikini line, Saintly Skin treated me to an IPL treatment for my underarms. I am thrilled to spread the good word on...

Six Things ER Staff Want You to Know

Having worked in the emergency department for some time now, I feel like there are misconceptions about what it takes to keep an ER running smoothly. We encounter cases for which we have no...
things to do in New Orleans with kids

It’s Back! Lakeside Kids’ Castle Play Area Is Open for Play!

More Things to Do in New Orleans With Kids Slowly but surely, there are more things to do with kids in New Orleans ... including the re-opening of the popular Metairie indoor playground at Lakeside...

A Mom’s Guide to Moving To New Orleans With Kids

Here at New Orleans Mom, the most frequent question we receive is, "we have to know; is New Orleans kid friendly?" The good news is that the answer is YES! Yes, New Orleans is...

Gardening Dad: Like a Regular Dad But Cooler

“Dad, do you remember that Minecraft YouTuber that I used to watch?” “Yeah. I remember Stampy,” I replied. “Oh my goddess,” she said, clutching her heart with a nostalgic look, “One of his videos popped up...

Please Don’t Make This Mistake … {Look Before You Lock to Prevent an Unthinkable...

As temperatures rise throughout the summer months, so does the need for parents and caregivers to be extra vigilant about never leaving young children alone in a hot car. Since 1990, more than 1,000...
Father's Day Gifts New Orleans

tasc Performance Has Every Father Covered This Father’s Day

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by tasc Performance.  New Orleans Father's Day Gifts tasc Performance Has Every Father Covered First and foremost, in case it was not already on your radar, consider this a public service...