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Three in a Row :: The Heart Wrenching Journey of Pregnancy Loss

How many times must I sit here, hiding my eyes and my body from others in the waiting room? Why must I look down, stare at my hands, my phone, anything but the dreaded...
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Why I Love McGehee’s Little Gate Preschool :: A Mom’s Perspective

Disclosure :: This sponsored post is brought to you by our friends at McGehee's Little Gate Preschool. Why I Love McGehee's Little Gate Preschool :: A Mom's Perspective Little Gate is Hard to Describe in Words Little Gate...

After the Talk:  Keeping an Open Dialogue with Older Kids about Sex.

I gave my last “birds and bees” talk last year.  My youngest was 9, the golden age at which I tackle the job of informing my kids about the basics of sex.  I worked...

2020 Peek-a-Boo at the Zoo: Spooktacular Fun For the Whole Family

Disclosure: This post was written and sponsored by Children's Hospital of New Orleans, a proud partner of Boo at the Zoo.  2020 Peek-a-Boo at the Zoo: Audubon Zoo and Children's Hospital Are Hosting Spooktacular Fun For...

There are Many Advantages to a Pre-K Through 8th Grade School

Disclosure: This post was written and sponsored by St. Paul's Episcopal School There are Many Advantages to a Pre-K Through 8th Grade School Families today have lots of options when making a decision on a grammar...
Abby, the helicopter, that regularly transports critically ill children to Children's Hospital of New Orleans

Some People Around Children’s Hospital New Orleans Hear Helicopter Noise

Disclosure :: Children's Hospital New Orleans is a sponsor of New Orleans Mom. That said, we are extremely grateful for life saving and critical help they provide patients, both locally and across the state...

Keeping Our Kids Healthy This School Year

Nervous about your little ones returning to school this fall? I completely understand. With fall being here bringing along flu season in the midst of the coronavirus, I’m pretty sure we are all on...

Quarantined The Second Week Of School

Twenty-one (21) weeks out, one (1) week in, and one of my children is already quarantined. We all knew the 2020-2021 school year would be a roller coaster ride. However, I chose to have...
Should I take my kids to the dentist in a pandemic?

Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Dentist During a Pandemic

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dr. Susan Fallahi of Uptown Pediatric Dentistry. Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Dentist During a Pandemic During a time when we are forced to weigh the risks and...

Intimacy in Marriage: Getting the Spark Back

Intimacy. What does this even mean in the context of marriage? Sure, it’s sex and closed doors and all that. But real intimacy, the kind that makes marriages and relationships last, is so much...

On to Adulthood: Cooking Tips Moms Can Teach Their College Kids

It's never too early to learn a skill. The ability to cook is vitally important. Everyone wants to be healthy, and learning to cook healthy is important. If you have a child heading off...

Local Dad and Meteorologist :: “Don’t Believe the Weather Memes!”

As a proudly self-proclaimed “weather nerd” I make the assumption that many have heard the well-known phrase often incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain, but in reality, penned by American essayist Charles Dudley Warner, “Everybody...

The Greater New Orleans Photography Guide

“A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” -Eudora Welty If we can collectively agree on anything related to COVID-19 it is that life is precious and our health and families are the most...
New Orleans Mom back to school 2020

I Didn’t Expect to Cry On The First Day of School

Back to school. It's been emotional this year, hasn't it, mamas? 2020 has thrown us more curve balls than we can manage, and let's just say that for me, my response to the first...