Sex Toys: Add Some Spice to the Bedroom

Let’s start with the preface that the current market for sex toys is roughly in the billions in global sales. So, if you think this post is not for you, you are in the minority.

*claps and rubs hands together*

Let’s begin…

Getting down and freaky with your partner can be a good time, it can bring a spark back that you feel is missing, or maybe you are afraid your kinks are too much and leave you feeling less than the goddess you are. Female sexual health should always come first (see what I did there??) *wink wink*

Being comfortable with your partner is also very important. Your bedroom should be a free judgment zone and they should be eager and willing to try new things, as should you. How do you know what you are missing? Take it from someone who was missing out on A LOT.

Here are some items that you can add to your bedroom rumpus sessions to give your sex life a little bit of somethin’ somethin’…

BJ Blast – Raise your hand if your absolute favorite sex act is blow jobs…anyone?…anyone?…someone in the back? Well, if not, then this is for you. BJ Blast is oral sex candy: think pop rocks for sex. *mind blown* As well as something else *another wink wink* I am just all about the sexual puns today.

Anal Plug Set – Worried to try anal sex? Well, fear no more. The sex toy industry has provided training wheels for you. Start small and work your way up. Your partner will thank you as will your bootay hole.

Restraints – If you are more of a submissive in the bedroom and like your partner to take the reins, I highly recommend this set. It has cuffs for your wrists and ankles, leaving you open and ready for a pleasure-filled night. Side note: throw on a blindfold.  You are welcome, sensory overload.

Glass Wand – Do you remember that TikTok video where they look at something and then bang their credit card a bunch of times not caring about the cost but just NEEDING the purchase? Yeah, this is one of those, trust. Never have I ever gotten off so hard or so many times, damn. Have your partner use their tongue and this and be prepared to see stars.

Foam Wedge – You also can never go wrong with a wedge or foam roller to lift your butt up for better angles. Talk about a game-changer. Sometimes pillows aren’t enough, but having something kind of hard with a little cushion offers comfort for all.

Thigh Sling – This bad boy wraps around your neck and has cuffs for your thighs. The staps are adjustable so your partner can move you closer or farther away. The tighter the strap, the more constricted you are. Fun for all.

There are a ton of online stores for you to look through, and you can’t knock it till ya try it.


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