Invest In Your Relationship

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Invest In Your Relationship 

Invest In Your Relationship This Valentine's Day At Modern Therapy and Wellness, we care deeply about relationships. It’s what we do! We specialize in working with couples and we focus on helping couples to have healthy, happy relationships.

Research shows that couples wait 6 years too long to work on their relationship. Between work, parenting, and adulting, it’s just too easy to put our relationships on the back burner.

Here are 4 things that you can do TODAY to improve your relationships:

Listen to Understand

When your partner is talking to you, focus on listening to understand them rather than listening just to respond to them. Our relationships thrive when we feel understood by each other.

Notice When You’re Emotionally Flooded

When we are emotionally flooded or full of emotion, we cannot be productive. When we are full of emotion, we are likely to be defensive and critical and do and say things that harm our relationships. The first step in breaking this cycle is having the awareness that you are emotionally “hot”.

Notice your Partners Bids for Connection

A bid for connection is any movement that our partners make towards us to convey interest in us. A bid is when your partner brings you coffee, gives you a hug, or asks about your day. There are a million tiny ways to connect throughout the day. Start noticing your partners bids today.

Make Repair Attempts After Conflict

A repair attempt is any attempt to decrease negativity after conflict. A relationship repair can look like: I’m sorry, I love you, let me rewind, Let me start over.

At Modern Therapy and Wellness, we provide virtual and in person services. We have a team of relatable therapists who will help you navigate your life and your relationships. We provide weekly sessions for couples who want to work on their relationships, navigate conflict in better ways, increase connection or prevent future pitfalls. We also provide couples intensive sessions on the weekends, where you spend the day with your partner working on your relationship.

Learn More And Invest In Your Relationship Today! 

Kelley Lockhart Delaune is founder of Modern Therapy and Wellness, a group therapy Kelley Lockhart Delaune is founder of Modern Therapy and Wellness,practice in New Orleans. Before expanding to a group practice, Kelley was a therapist for 17 years who worked with individuals and couples. Kelley’s passion is to provide the community with a team of therapists who are easily accessible, specialized, and relatable. MTW provides in-person and virtual services in New Orleans and in the state of Louisiana. At MTW we believe that all people can use therapy. We believe that therapy should be warm yet direct. We believe that therapy should give people skills and tools. We believe that people can unlearn and relearn. We believe that emotional health is just as important as physical health. We are here to help you on your journey! When Kelley is not working with clients, writing, or working out, she is spending time with her husband and two boys.



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