Painter’s Tape Might Be the Best Mom Hack Ever

Here are 5 Functional Ways and 8 Entertaining Ways You Can Utilize Painter’s Tape with Small Children

In the chaotic world of parenting, there shines a beacon of simplicity and versatility: painter’s tape.  From keeping children entertained for hours to seamlessly organizing everyday tasks, painter’s tape proves itself to be the ultimate mom hack. Come along as we unveil the functional and fun ingenious ways to harness the power of painter’s tape, elevating your parenting game to new heights.


Five Practical Uses of Painter’s Tape:

  • Need to label kid stuff? Painter’s Tape.
  • Need to child proof cabinets on vacation or at a friend’s house? Painter’s Tape.
  • Need to blackout windows on vacation for nap time? Painter’s tape and a black garbage bag.
  • Need to hang a picture? Painter’s Tape.
  • Need to paint with clean edges? Painter’s Tape Obviously.
Baby Proofing Cabinets

8 Creative and Fun Ways to Utilize Painter’s Tape with Kids:

  1. Race Track Extravaganza: Transform any surface into a thrilling race track with just a roll of painter’s tape. Let those toy cars zoom around corners and down straightaways for hours of high-speed excitement.

2. Animal Rescue Adventure: Tape toys to various surfaces and watch as your little ones embark on daring rescue missions to save their favorite animal friends. It’s a thrilling game of imagination and coordination.

3. Sorting and Organizing Fun: Teach valuable skills like sorting and organizing by using painter’s tape to categorize toys by size, color, or type. It’s a fun and educational activity rolled into one.

4. Letter Scavenger Hunt: Write all the letters on painter’s tape and place it on the wall. Next, place individual letters on smaller pieces of tape around the room. The children will search for the letters and match them to the letters on the strips of tape. This is a great way to practice letters and letter sounds. (Remember it doesn’t have to be pretty).

Letter Scavenger Hunt

5. Limbo and Hopping Games: Set up limbo sticks or create hopping challenges with strategically placed strips of painter’s tape. It’s a great way to get those little bodies moving and grooving.

6. Maze Madness: Build a maze labyrinth with painter’s tape and watch as your toddlers navigate through twists and turns. It’s a thrilling adventure that stimulates problem-solving skills.

7. Toy Chute Construction: Combine painter’s tape with paper towel rolls to create a toy chute that sends objects sliding down in delight. It’s engineering fun at its finest.

8. Trick Shots: Bounce a ball into the roll of tape. Or roll the tape off of a table and land it in a box. Older children can utilize precision to master these trick shots as well as their creative skills to come up with additional trick shots.

In conclusion, painter’s tape emerges not just as a tool for home improvement projects, but as a mom hack for busy parents everywhere. Its ability to entertain, organize, and simplify everyday tasks makes it an indispensable addition to any household.

With painter’s tape, the only limit is your imagination. So, grab a roll and let the endless fun begin!

Rachael Rayes
Rachael lives in Kenner with her husband Steven and her two sons, Wyatt and Sawyer. After graduating from Southeastern Louisiana University, she began working as a Speech Language Pathologist. Her current focus is adults with neurological disorders in an outpatient setting. When not at work, her favorite place to be is on her swing in her backyard watching her kids play. From the outside, people think she's the organized, crafty mom, but that is far from the truth. Like most moms, she's doing her best to survive the chaos of this crazy, beautiful life of motherhood. In 2024, she dreams of living a more minimalistic life and really focusing on the present.


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