I’m A Mom But I Am Also Me

I’m A Mom But I Am Also Me

Daughter. Granddaughter. Sister. Aunt. Friend. Wife. Mom.

We are the tear wipers and “boo boo” healers. We are the keepers of the secrets. The finders of all things. The chauffeur to and from whatever extracurricular our kids have planned that day.

We are the chefs, maids, billpayers, counselors, and disciplinarians.

We are the loyal, strong, and courageous women who keep everyone on schedule while juggling the weekly dinner menus and grocery shopping.

We make sure the lunches are packed and the school uniforms are clean (at least mostly).

But there is so much more to each of us than just being a mom.

I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a mom. I didn’t always know what I wanted for my career, but I knew that being a mom was definitely in the cards for me. Having two beautiful kids now, I can truly say that I am blessed beyond belief. There are days that I run on autopilot from dropping the kids off at school after a chaotic morning routine to heading home late after one of our kids’ many team practices to making sure everyone is fed, homework is complete, and everyone is bathed and in bed by a decent hour. After a day’s work, I am ready for some much-needed sleep… but then there is my husband who might need a little attention too even if it is just watching one of our weekly shows while trying to keep my eyes open.

Recently, when going through this crazy routine I couldn’t stop but think…wait a minute – I am NOT just a mom! There is so much more to me! I am smart and ambitious. I am funny. I am a student, a painter, a notary, a business owner, and so much more.

So much of our energy goes into making sure that our kids and families have everything that they need that we tend to forget to make sure that we have everything WE need.

Don’t feel guilty for taking a moment for self-care even if that does mean locking the kids out of the bathroom for some precious moments of peace.

Find time to do the things that you enjoy and aren’t necessarily required to do. Although our days are hectic, I have learned the importance of finding time to unwind each week whether that is reading the next thriller advertised on TikTok, putting my love into creating a craft for someone, or watching mindless reality TV that doesn’t involve me thinking too hard.

And don’t get me wrong, being a mom is very rewarding, but I don’t want to forget that I am so much more. In fact, when we take a few moments for ourselves, we are better moms to our kids.

So, what are you going to do this week to help you keep your peace? After all, we moms all deserve it!

Devan Orellana
Devan was born and raised in Kenner, attended Archbishop Chapelle High School, and works at Tulane University. She married her soulmate in 2016 and they have two beautiful children together, Mason and McKinsey. She co-owns ASD Designs (asd-designs.com) where she paints and crafts with two extraordinary women. She is also a Louisiana notary. When she isn’t at a dance class for her daughter or the baseball/soccer field for her son, she likes to read crime stories or just be with her family. Devan’s life is quite hectic with something always on the calendar, but she truly would not have it any other way!


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