Kelley Lockhart-Delaune

Kelley Lockhart Delaune was born and raised In Metairie, Lousiana. She is married to her husband and has two boys, Roman (8) and Remy (6). Kelley received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from LSU and her Masters in Social Work from Tulane in 2002. Kelley is a psychotherapist in private practice in Mid-City where she focuses on helping others to heal themselves and their relationships. You can find her on Instagram @connectwithkelley where she shares relationship tips and creates digital courses on boundaries. She loves plants, the beach, transparency, the color blue, a good coffee, and CrossFit.

I am a Mom with ADHD

I am a mom, a business owner, and I am ADHD (the inattentive kind). I have all of the symptoms. I daydreamed in school unless it was an applied topic that was of high interest...

My Heart POPS for You :: A Fun Valentine’s Day Treat

A Fun and Easy Valentine's Day Treat I am always looking for new holiday rituals to engage in with my kids. I love the idea of traditions that my kids will remember. I have typically...

Gentle Parenting and How We Use It In Our Family

Let me start off by saying that this is imperfect. I am imperfect. My husband is imperfect. YOU will also be imperfect at gentle parenting and that is okay. I have moments where I...

Holiday Boundaries – FaLaLaLaLa

The most wonderful time of the year Holidays can be fun and exciting. They also can be one of the most stressful times of the year. I love boundaries. I love talking about them because...

50 Ways to Ground Yourself

Grounding is a word that most of us have heard of, but what does it actually mean? The best way to explain it is that when we are not grounded, we might be anxious, preoccupied,...

Why You Should Interview Your Psychotherapist

Lots of people shop around for pediatricians or gyms.  Some people don't realize that it is standard to shop around and interview your potential therapist. Why? Essentially, therapists have different styles. A good fit is important! Research...

A Therapist’s Perspective on Therapy

Let's talk about therapy. I am a therapist, so I happen to think that therapy is amazing. I am writing this post both from a professional stand point and from my own personal experience. The...

Managing Anxiety During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has led to mental health challenges for many. It has been traumatizing for those who are on the front lines as well as those who have been indirectly exposed. I can name a million...

Coping During COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus is increasing stress and anxiety for all of us. We are in this together. NOLA residents aren't strangers to trauma bonds; our community has come together in the past during...

Skipping Mardi Gras :: Cultural Neglect

I have a confession to make: I stink at Carnival. It is not my strength. I was born and raised here. I have been letting myself off of the hook because I don't find it...
king cake recipes for home

Kid-Friendly Mini King Cake Recipe :: Make a Mini King Cake With Your Minis!

Kid-Friendly Mini King Cake Recipe It's Mardi Gras time in New Orleans, so we are craving all the king cake! If you are looking for a kid-friendly king cake recipe, I have the easiest solution...

What is Your Word for 2020?

  I have never been a person that follows the hype. In fact, If everyone is doing something, I tend not to do it. I don't typically engage in all of the hype around the...

Gift Ideas for Toddlers to 6 Years Old

'Tis the season for gift giving. My preference in gifts is that they are useful, fun and educational. Below have been the toys that my children have used over and over. 1. Mondo Blocks ($50.00...

When Women Hurt Each Other

"Tough it out." "Be a Man." "Punch him." Aggression in boys and men is widely discussed. We are all informed of it and we know what it looks like. We know that we live in a culture...