New Orleans Festivals Just Became More Sensory Friendly

New Orleans Festivals Just Became More Sensory Friendly

The Beignet Fest Foundation in partnership with Children’s Hospital has unveiled a new project that is designed to support those with sensory needs. Kulture City was commissioned to build a sensory activation vehicle for those with sensory needs. How cool is this?

What does this mean?

This means that if your child has sensory needs, they can retreat to a comfortable and safe space at one of the city’s beloved events. The vehicle, Benny’s Sensory Activation Vehicle, is a tow along trailer that is created for individuals who get overwhelmed or overstimulated by sounds, sights or crowds.

The Deets

  • Inside the vehicle the walls and floors are carpeted
  • The lighting is kept low
  • There is air conditioning
  • The features are specifically designed to create a calming space
  • There is a bubble wall with water and soothing colors
  • There are wooden puzzles
  • Soft bean bag chairs
  • There will be headphones and fidget toys
  • There will be workers who are trained in working with those with sensory needs

“So much of New Orleans is about gathering to enjoy our culture, and our hope is that with our sensory activation vehicle, families can get out and do that together more often, bringing along their loved ones who many need a place to take a break, explore, play and reset.” -Sherwood Collins, executive director of Beignet Fest Foundation


Kelley Lockhart-Delaune
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