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Clover Boutique {Review & Giveaway}

What if we told you that there was an online boutique based right here in New Orleans through which you could purchase affordable, stylish and fun accessories that ALL fall in the $10-$20 range?...

Paying it forward: supporting pediatric cancer research

“We think it's cancer,” is probably one of the worst things a mother can hear about her child. That nightmare became a reality for one local mom, my sister-in-law, Iris Orlando, on April 13,...

The Significance of Red: Heart Disease in Women

One of my most favorite colors is red! It’s bold, strong, stands out among other colors and is meaningful and memorable. Psychologically, red is commonly associated with passion and beauty. In marketing, red is...

Our Texas Toddler Mardi Gras Mambo: How to Host a Mardi Gras Playdate

This post is not about the dance of trying to wrangle a squirmy toddler into a diaper or pair of pants while living in the great state of Texas. Although I have been known to...

Does anyone double coupon around here?

One of the most frequent questions I receive is "Does anyone double coupon around here?" Well, unfortunately, the answer is not really! We don't have Kroger and HEB and all of those smaller chains that you...
St. Andrew's Open House

Smooth Transitions: Ensuring New Experiences Are Delightful For Little Ones

One of the great joys of raising children is how often we find ourselves on the precipice of a new experience. New beginnings are a fairly regular part of life for children (and their...

Play with the box (and maybe packing peanuts, too!)

We’ve all seen a child who receives a thoughtful, sometimes expensive gift, only to play with the box or packing materials instead. During the holiday season, many families receive packages filled with packing peanuts and other...
Triplet boys and mom | New Orleans Moms Blog

New Orleans Moms of Multiples: the more, the merrier!

Before I got pregnant with the boys, I'd never seen a set of triplets before. Maybe on TV or in the movies, but never in real life. But as soon as we announced our...

Go green: Make your own household cleaner!

Slowly but surely, I am turning my family crunchy, granola, hippie, whatever you want to call it. One of the ways we are going green is by reducing our exposure to chemicals found in...

How to start a gift closet

So, we have made it through Black Friday Week, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week and most recently, Green Monday! Are you all done with your shopping? If you aren't, don't fret. The deals...

Hurricane Honeymoon: Lessons in love from Hurricane Isaac

We now have a new normal here in the NOLA Metro Area. 7 years ago the small talk was to ask how people fared in the storm, where they evacuated to, where is the family;...
Ochsner Health System | New Orleans Moms Blog

What do I do if my child is biting/bitten?

This is a discussion I have on a regular basis with parents of children in my practice. Toddlers bite others or even bite themselves for a number of reasons. Most commonly, this behavior is out...
saving money on a baby's nursery | New Orleans Moms Blog

Purchasing Baby Products: Five Ways to Save Money!

Don't commit to one bottle ahead of time You might think the uber-expensive, eco-friendly, stainless steel, Kid Kanteen bottles are the coolest thing to hit the market since the pacifier, but what's really important is...

Fun with food: making edible art!

Making edible art is a great way to tap into a young child’s craving for tactical experiences. It can introduce new foods to picky eaters in a fun way and bring a smile during...