Top 10 Posts of 2023 :: The Best Of New Orleans Mom

Top 10 Posts of 2023 :: The Best Of New Orleans Mom

As we wrap up the 2023 season, we would just like to take the time to acknowledge all of you – our amazing New Orleans Mom readers. We would not be able to share our stories, recipes, reviews, tragedies, successes, and lives without your continuous support. We truly appreciate each and every one of you.

These are the Top 10 most popular blog posts on New Orleans Mom for 2023 as determined by page views. From loss to laughter, take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the best of the year with us.

1. My Experience (So Far) With Injectable Weight Loss Drugs

“A year ago, I injected myself for the first time with a dose of Mounjaro, one of the GLP-1 drugs that are being increasingly prescribed for weight loss. It’s a controversial subject, to be sure, but one of the best decisions I’ve made.” Read more..

2. Dear Dr. Kruger, Thank You and Rest Easy

“When you entered the room, it was almost as if time stopped, and I was the only patient on your schedule that day. Thank you for navigating me through my pregnancy and making me feel so important and heard. I have this image in my mind of you up in heaven. You’re riding a beautiful horse and drinking a glass a wine, and all the angels are smiling big.” Read more…

3. Dear Argus: We Love You But We’d Love You More At 10AM

“We waited and waited. And waited. We tried to keep the spirits high, but that meant we also had to keep the kids hydrated and sun-blocked and entertained. We tried to explain it would be a long day of waiting, and we would have to keep being patient, but that was hard even for us adults to remember.” Read more…

4. Kudos To The Parents Of Teens At Mardi Gras

“I know you’ve had all the conversations about drinking. And drinking water. And safety in numbers. And consent. And not driving. And staying off the side streets. And I want you to know that from what I saw at St. Charles and Amelia, I think your kids mostly heard you.” Read more…

5. New Restaurant in Metairie :: Crazy Hotpot

“If you haven’t heard, the former Three Bs location in Metairie became Crazy Hotpot earlier this year. My family and I decided to try it out last weekend, and we enjoyed! We will definitely be back.” Read more…

6. Oasis Resort :: The Perfect Vacation With Kids Only 1.5 Hours From New Orleans

“This place has been on my bucket list for a while and I’m so glad we went! If it’s on your bucket list, then you’re in luck because I’ve got lots of details to make planning easier for you!” Read more…

7. When Doves Cry :: A Goodbye to Archbishop Blenk One Last Time

“The faculty, the students, we all just felt like a family. I miss the days of flying down Gretna Blvd to school, honking and waving at Mr. Jung, the man that lived by the canal. I miss the days of getting excited about potato bar and bagged milk. I even miss having my name called during morning announcements (ha!). I’d go back in heartbeat and do it all over again if I could, because Archbishop Blenk High School gave me some of the greatest years of my life.” Read more…

8. Swatting :: It Can Happen To You Or Your Kids {An Online Danger Parents Need to Know About}

“I was putting my kids to bed one night a few weeks ago when I received a text from a close friend that read, “so I just got swatted. I figured I should tell someone.” Of course, I picked up the phone immediately and called her. At that time, I had absolutely no idea about swatting. She was panicked and scared.” Read more…

9. A Note To Jordan Thompson Before Game 3

“It might not feel like it now, but this is going to be okay. Today is a new day. You are still a kid playing a game for the love of the game. Don’t lose sight of that. One inning can change everything. I know you know this. I’m sorry it happened like this. I know no one is more upset than you, but it’s time to move on. And, by the way, if you’re worried about the fans, we’ll be fine. We are LSU fans. Hell, many of us are also Saints fans. We are familiar with tough losses, and we cope just fine. We need you out there.” Read more…

10. Ticketmaster :: Why You Gotta Be So Mean?

“Taylor Swift is set to make a BILLION dollars from this tour. And here I am spending my free time reading comments about how to maybe, possibly, hopefully get a chance to even get in line to get tickets?!” Read more… The Read :: Other Popular Posts in 2023 at New Orleans Mom

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From all of us at New Orleans Mom, THANK YOU for reading and we wish you a very Happy New Year! 


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