Why You Should Invest In A French Press :: The Coffee Upgrade I Never Knew I Needed

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Why You Should Invest In A French Press :: The Coffee Upgrade I Never Knew I Needed

Why You Should Invest In A French Press :: The Coffee Upgrade I Never Knew I NeededAbout a year ago, my husband and I took our kids to upstate New York to see my husband’s college alma matter (WestPoint) and visit some dear friends. While there, we stayed in this quaint and adorable Air BnB right outside of the college. It was perfect because it was October, so all the leaves were changing, the weather was glorious, and everyone had their fall decor out. It was also the perfect weather for sitting on the beautiful porch of the Air BnB with a nice cup of coffee.

A Love Affair 

I’ve enjoyed coffee since I was in college, about the time I guess most people begin drinking coffee daily. Of course I started out with the fancy stuff … Frappuccinos, caramel macchiatos, etc. But one quickly realizes how expensive that can get, and eventually I became a “make my coffee at home” kind of gal. Fast forward to when my husband and I began dating. It was one of the first weekends I had come to stay with him (we did the long distance thing for the first several months we were dating), and I awoke to the glorious smell of freshly brewed coffee. Upon coming downstairs, there he was … coffee made and a variety of creamers available for me to choose from. His exact words were “I didn’t know exactly what type of creamer you like, so I just got a bunch” (swoon….).

Since then, it’s been our little love language and one of the daily ways he expresses his love. You see, to this day, he gets up early and makes the coffee. He makes sure I always have a hot pot of coffee waiting for me when I wake up. It’s become my favorite morning ritual. And even after almost 12 years, it’s still somehow always the perfect cup of coffee.

Something New 

But on this particular trip to NY, there was no coffee pot at the Air BnB. Instead, there was a French press, which neither of us had ever used. But in true Chris fashion, by the time I woke up, he had already recruited YouTube on how to use it, made coffee, and had my cup poured (swoon again…). And let me tell you, it was the best cup of coffee I had ever had. Maybe it was the fall vibes of NY, maybe it was the movie worthy Air BnB, or maybe it was the French press. Either way, we were both so impressed that we ordered a French press on Amazon before we even left NY.

I’m not sure what it is about the French press, but it’s just better. There’s no bitter after taste like you sometimes get with a traditional brew. I don’t get jittery despite the fact that my husband makes coffee the color of molasses, and there’s no mid afternoon crash. I just feel a smooth sense of alertness, and joy (I mean who doesn’t love coffee?). I can confidently say, we will never go back to a traditional coffee maker.

So, if you have never tried a French press, I HIGHLY recommend. If you’re not sure what to get, I’ve listed the links to what we purchased here and here.


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