I Recently Began Using Wyndy to Book Sitters and It’s a Game Changer

Disclosure: This is post is sponsored by Wyndy and was written by guest blogger Jeanne de Laureal. Jeanne is a local parent who currently resides in Uptown.  She’s an avid Wyndy user and a Wyndy ambassador for New Orleans. 

I Recently Began Using Wyndy to Book Sitters and It’s a Game Changer

My husband is a NOLA native and we’ve lived here for the past 15 years. I grew up in Birmingham, and about a year ago my friends there started raving about the Wyndy app, which allowed them to find, book, and pay vetted, background-checked college sitters in seconds.  After hearing great things from multiple friends, I couldn’t wait for Wyndy to expand to New Orleans.

In September, Wyndy finally launched in New Orleans, offering parents an easy way to book sitters from approved schools like Tulane, Loyola, and the University of New Orleans. I tried Wyndy as soon as it arrived and have been hooked ever since.

The Sitters are Trustworthy, Plus I Can See Sitters Reviewed by my Friends

Each of our Wyndys over the past four months have been polite, responsible, on time, and most importantly, the kids have loved them all! This isn’t surprising given Wyndy’s vetting process for sitters. Every sitter on Wyndy is a full-time college or graduate student at a Wyndy-approved college. To be a Wyndy sitter, a student must successfully complete Wyndy’s application process. Wyndy verifies every applicant’s enrollment, assesses their babysitting experience, conducts a video interview, and requires that the applicant pass a comprehensive background check. In addition, the app’s features allow me see each sitter’s rating, how many jobs they’ve completed, if they’ve previously worked for any of my friends, and if so, what rating my friends gave the sitter. Finally, Wyndy has an incredible customer success team that can answer any questions and address any concerns by
phone or through email.

I Can Get a Sitter in Minutes–Literally

Wyndy is SO much easier than my old approach, where I’d spend hours scrolling through my phone and sending what seemed like hundreds of text messages to all my sitters to see who was available on a particular night. Before Wyndy, I had trouble keeping track of which of my college sitters were even still in New Orleans. So many times I would text a sitter only to get the response “I graduated in May and am not in NOLA anymore.” Wyndy now handles everything for me.

When I post a job on Wyndy, I generally get four or five sitters interested in less than three
minutes. For each sitter who is interested in my job, I can see their picture, a short bio, and a review from any of my friends who have used that sitter previously.  I can then offer the job to those interested in the order that I choose.

Payment is Super Convenient

I’ve always hated getting home from an event and having to figure out what to pay my sitter and how we’re going to pay (Venmo, check, cash, etc.). Wyndy eliminates all that hassle and awkwardness. When I post a job, I get to choose the hourly rate I want to pay.  Sitters use an in-app timer to time the jobs. When I arrive home, the sitter stops the
timer and the amount I owe is automatically calculated. I can add a bonus if a sitter goes  he extra mile, then pay with a tap of a button. It is so easy.

Advice if You’re Still Skeptical

I had quite a few Birmingham friends who were skeptical about Wyndy when it first launched there, but now they tell me they couldn’t live without it. If you want a low-risk way to try out Wyndy, post a job and explain in the job notes that you’ll be at home working while the sitter is watching the kids. This approach gives you the ability to give Wyndy a try before you use it for a night out of the house. You’ll thank me 🙂


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