After Christmas in New Orleans

After Christmas in New Orleans

When Christmas is over, most people are left feeling sad, down and depressed. But in New Orleans, the end of Christmas means the beginning of CARNIVAL SEASON!

I am not a huge fan of parading as an adult with kids in tow, but I sure do love decorating my home with Mardi Gras decor, eating king cake and second – lining in my house with my kids.

Impromptu parades to decorate with beads are always fun! Kids in a wagon with Mardi Gras umbrellas.

Here are some of my favorite items to decorate my house with:

  1. Mardi Gras beads all over the trees and bushes. No need to place them perfectly. In true Mardi Gras fashion, throw ’em. Every year my kids have a “parade” in our front yard where my son pulls my daughter in a wagon and they throw beads at us and all over the front yard bushes and plants. It really is a fun tradition. We also do it at my parent’s house too to help them decorate.
  2. Mardi Gras wreaths on the front door. I buy them usually, but I have also made some like these.
  3. Purple, Green and Gold Christmas lights mixed with white lights from Christmas, too.
  4. Mardi Gras bunting for the front porch and the stair railing inside.
  5. Mardi Gras nutcrackers for the front porch. I love my Christmas nutcrackers, so I was so excited when I found these Mardi Gras nutcrackers at BB&B.
  6. Who said inflatables were just for Christmas? Mardi Gras inflatables are always a fun addition to your yard.
  7. Mardi Gras masks of all shapes and sizes can be command stripped to any window, column, door etc.
  8. Mardi Gras garden flags and large Carnival flags. Most of the Krewes sell these on their websites for their members. Or you can check here after Mardi Gras for recycled items leftover from the parades.

Little girl in Mardi Gras striped dress.Little boy in Mardi Gras polo,







Also, I thought this would be a good time to share my favorite King Cakes by far (I have 38 years of experience eating King Cakes, so you can trust me):

  1. Antoine’s Bakery – Metairie
  2. Manny Randazzo’s King Cakes – Metairie
  3. Zuppardo’s Grocery Store – Metairie
  4. Gambino’s Bakery – Metairie
  5. Joe’s Cafe – Metairie and Westbank
  6. Hi – Do Bakery – Westbank

So, if you are feeling blue about taking down your Christmas and holiday decor, go buy yourself a king cake, some carnival decorations, and have your very own second line to kick off the next best holiday, only in NOLA!

Erika Lockhart
My name is Erika Lockhart and I am married to my husband, Chris. We have two children - Zane (7) and Finnley (2). We also have one 4 – legged child - Nelson a mixed breed rescue and a tarantula named Twitch. I was born and raised in Harvey, LA but now live in Metairie. I am a full time employee for a healthcare consulting company where I lead the Primary Care Provider engagement efforts from my home office here in NOLA. My husband is the owner and director of Clockwork Performance - A strength and performance gym in Kenner, LA. Odd facts about me - I love watching Judge Judy, I want to be on jury duty as much as possible, I have an obsession with mayonnaise and my dream job is to be a private investigator!


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