New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

2023 New Orleans Mardi Gras Parade Schedule

Below is the 2023 Mardi Gras parade schedule for the greater New Orleans area. If you are looking for the Jefferson Parish / Metairie parade schedule, click here. The Northshore parade schedule (Mandeville / Covington / Slidell) is available here. If you are looking for Mardi Gras parades in Houma or other outlying areas of New Orleans, please click here. We wish everyone in South Louisiana a happy Mardi Gras with family!
2023 New Orleans Parade ScheduleFriday, January 6th

French Quarter
Krewe of Joan of Arc 7:00pm
Société Des Champs Elysée 7:30pm

Uptown New Orleans
Phunny Phorty Phellows 7:00pm
Funky Uptown Krewe follows

Saturday, January 28th

Krewe of Chewbacchus 7:00pm

Sunday, January 29th

New Orleans East
Krewe of Nefertiti 1:00pm

Friday, February 3rd

French Quarter
Krewe Bohème 7:00pm

Saturday, February 4th

French Quarter (this is adults only, in our opinion as moms!)
Krewe du Vieux 6:30pm

Sunday, February 5th

French Quarter
krewedelusion 7:00pm

‘tit Rəx 4:30pm

Friday, February 10th

French Quarter
Krewe of Cork 3:00pm

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Oshun 6:00pm
Krewe of Cleopatra follows
Krewe of Alla follows

Saturday, February 11th

Uptown New Orleans
Legion of Mars 11:30am
Krewe of Pontchartrain 1:00pm
Krewe of Choctaw follows
Krewe of Freret follows
Knights of Sparta 5:30pm
Krewe of Pygmalion follows

Knights of Nemesis 1:00pm

Sunday, February 12th 

French Quarter
Krewe of Barkus 2:00pm

Uptown New Orleans
The Mystic Krewe of Femme Fatale 11:00am
Krewe of Carrollton follows
Krewe of King Arthur follows

Tuesday, February 14th

The Culinary Queens of New Orleans (TCQNO) 6:00pm

Wednesday, February 15th 

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Druids 6:15pm
Krewe of Nyx 6:45pm

Thursday, February 16th

Uptown New Orleans
Knights of Babylon 5:30pm
Knights of Chaos follows
Krewe of Muses follows

Friday, February 17th

French Quarter
Krewe of Bosom Buddies 11:30am

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Hermes 5:30pm
Krewe d’Etat 6:30pm
Krewe of Morpheus 7:00pm

Saturday, February 18th

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Iris 11:00am
Krewe of Tucks 12:00pm

Krewe of NOMTOC 10:45am

Krewe of Endymion 4:00pm

Sunday, February 19th 

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Okeanos 11:00am
Krewe of Mid-City follows
Krewe of Thoth 12:00pm
Krewe of Bacchus 5:15pm

Monday, February 20th | LUNDI GRAS

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Proteus 5:15pm
Krewe of Orpheus 6:00pm

Tuesday, February 21st | MARDI GRAS

Krewe of Argus 10:00am
Krewe of Elks Jefferson follows
Krewe of Jefferson follows

Uptown New Orleans
Krewe of Zulu 8:00am
Krewe of Rex 10:00am
Krewe of Elks Orleans follows
Krewe of Crescent City follows


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