OPT: An Effective Training Program for the Whole Family {Yes, Kids, Too!}

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OPT: An Effective Training Program for the Whole Family {Yes, Kids, Too!}

OPT: An Effective Training Program for the Whole Family {Yes, Kids, Too!}When it comes to fitness and performance training, finding a program that caters to the needs of every family member can be a challenge. However, Ochsner Performance Training (OPT) has emerged as a comprehensive training program that not only helps individuals achieve their fitness goals but also promotes a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. Whether you’re an adult looking to enhance your athletic performance or a parent hoping to instill healthy habits in your children, OPT has got you covered.

Train Like a Pro

OPT provides a unique training experience that incorporates evidence-based methodologies used by professional athletes. Developed by a team of experts in sports science, exercise physiology, and strength training, this program offers a structured approach to fitness that ensures safe and effective workouts for participants of all ages.Ochsner Performance Training - Train Like a Pro

By implementing cutting-edge training techniques, OPT helps individuals improve their strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall athletic performance. Whether your goal is to excel in a specific sport, increase your general fitness level, or simply live a healthier lifestyle, OPT can be tailored to meet your needs.

Family-Friendly Approach

One of the standout features of OPT is its inclusivity and family-friendly approach. Unlike traditional training programs that segregate individuals based on age or ability, OPT encourages family members of all ages to train together. This not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also allows parents to be actively involved in their children’s fitness journeys.

OPT offers specialized training sessions for children, ensuring that they receive age-appropriate exercises and coaching. These sessions focus on developing fundamental movement skills, coordination, and agility while promoting the importance of regular physical activity. By incorporating fun and engaging activities, OPT makes exercise an enjoyable experience for kids, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Qualified and Supportive Coaches

At OPT, you can expect to be guided by a team of qualified and supportive coaches who are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. These coaches possess a deepOchsner Performance Training - Qualified and Supportive Coaches understanding of exercise science and are well-versed in the latest training methodologies. They will provide personalized attention, ensuring that your training sessions are both challenging and safe.

The coaches at OPT recognize that every family member has unique strengths, limitations, and goals. They will work closely with you to design individualized training plans that address your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your speed and agility, build muscle strength, or enhance your cardiovascular fitness, the coaches will tailor your workouts accordingly.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources

OPT boasts state-of-the-art training facilities equipped with modern equipment and tools to facilitate optimal performance. From strength training equipment to functional training zones, the facilities cater to a wide range of fitness requirements. The program also utilizes advanced performance tracking technology, allowing participants to monitor their progress and make informed adjustments to their training routines.

Furthermore, OPT provides access to additional resources such as nutritional guidance, injury prevention strategies, and recovery techniques. These comprehensive resources ensure that participants have a holistic approach to their health and fitness, maximizing their potential for success.

If you’re searching for a training program that accommodates the fitness needs of your entire family, look no further than Ochsner Performance Training (OPT). With its emphasis on evidence-based methodologies, inclusivity, and personalized coaching, OPT offers a unique and effective approach to fitness training. By incorporating the whole family into the program, OPT promotes a healthy and active lifestyle that can be enjoyed together for years to come. So why wait? Train like a pro with OPT and embark on a transformative fitness journey for your family.

What You Need to Know About OPT ::

  • OPT facilities run like a studio, all class based, no open gym
  • The first class is FREE, then class packs and unlimited monthly memberships are available.
  • Our class schedules for adults, OCH Power or OCH FIT, starters (ages 7-10), accelerated (ages 11-14), and peak (ages 15-18) can be found on the website under “Schedules.”

For class schedules, more information, or to sign up a free trial for any adults or scholastic (youth) classes, visit our website performance.ochsner.org and fill out form specifying your location.  A performance specialist will contact you shortly after. Mention “New Orleans Mom” for a reduced pricing on your first month of membership.  

OPT offers a unique and effective approach to fitness training


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