Dear Teacher, Please Don’t Yell At My Child

Dear Teacher,

First I should say “Thank you.” Thank you for all you do all day as you watch over my child; for hearing her stories; for buttoning her button she can’t quite master yet; and for giving her sporadic hugs. Thank you also for opening her lunches; for soothing her if a storm outside scares her; and most importantly for teaching her every day. The list of “Thank yous” you deserve is truly endless.

But if I may, I beg of you, please don’t yell at my child.

First let me openly admit I am no teacher. I am not the one confined in a room with 22 kindergarteners for 7 hours. I do not know the innumerable number of times you are asked to allow someone to use the restroom. I do not know the hundred-thousand times a week you are asked to tie shoe laces. I cannot even fathom the multitude of never-ending stories the rogue kindergartener throws at you in the middle of your lesson. (Yes, I have substituted, I agree it is exhausting to say the least.)

But one thing I do know, I don’t “do” yelling.admin-ajax-php

My family doesn’t yell – much. If my family were a Seinfeld episode, we’d be nicknamed the “Low Talkers.” At my house if someone yells, something is wrong. Really wrong. Even when tempers flare and emotions are high, I really do my best to try to keep myself, and my children, in check. I actually came from a long line of non-yellers. If my family had a issue, we sat down to talk about it, even if that meant resolution in a day or two. We didn’t yell across the house when the phone was for a sibling (yes we had land lines then) and God forbid if you tried to hold a conversation across the house by shouting to one another. My mom would come unhinged on that one. As a result of this upbringing, my daughter does not process yelling well. She will shut down and fight back the tears (if possible). It simply overwhelms her on many levels.

I sometimes walk down the halls of her school and literally cringe.

I hear the shouting tones and threatening phrases some teachers use and it makes me sad. Now please understand, I do realize there is a difference between yelling and raising one’s voice. I totally get it. I know teachers have to use authority and show discipline, and some days things just get out of hand and they have to reign in their herd. But sometimes, just sometimes I just can’t help but wonder if some teachers heard themselves if they would be embarrassed by how harsh they really sound?

So please, teacher, please continue the wonderful job you are doing. Please be confident and full of pride for successfully conquering a noble career you chose in which to make a difference in a child’s life. But please, please don’t yell at my child.


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