Hurricane Honeymoon: Lessons in love from Hurricane Isaac

We now have a new normal here in the NOLA Metro Area. 7 years ago the small talk was to ask how people fared in the storm, where they evacuated to, where is the family; all those questions became part of our vernacular. MetryChick | New Orleans Moms Blog Now, since Isaac, we wear our time without power as almost a badge of honor (5 full days). I think the storm taught so much to so many of us: what happens when a storm comes directly to the city, to be prepared for anything, family is everything, the term ”Hurrication,” and that a generator is worth its weight in GOLD, especially if you pair it with a window unit. This pregnant chick definitely would not have made it without the AC. One thing I learned thanks to Isaac is that I am still in love with my husband.

My girls are 12 and 15: MG and B. As soon as they found out there was no school due to the storm, they were on their phones, planning how they were going to spend their “Hurrication.” They were none too happy when I insisted that they be home during the passing of the actual storm. How could I relax not knowing what was going on with my babies? How could I put the responsibility of my children on someone else during a hurricane? Mean mommy award went right to me!

The power went out on Tuesday night and by Wednesday afternoon anarchy was in FULL EFFECT! By the time a game of War turned into 52 card pickup and a close call to a fist fight I knew it was time to do something drastic. MG’s bestie never lost power and they were dying to see each other, so off she went to suck up the AC and they could entertain each other. B went off to her bestie’s house even though their power was out too. All of us parents came to the conclusion that two kids hanging together was better than one bored kid driving you nuts since texting isn’t working. So now the house was just the hubs and I.

It was kind of nice. Nice in a weird, zombie apocalypse, kind of way. We’ve been together 18 years already and I still get butterflies. We were sleeping on an air mattress in the living room but most of all it was just being together. We did everything together, we sat in line to get gas for the generator, we drove around to seek out where we could get a cup of coffee, or if we could scout out power trucks. It was a chance for us to connect again. Now life is back to normal and our routines are in place again, and I’m holding onto our few days when it was like we were just dating again. Most nights will still find us sitting on the couch watching tv, holding hands, and hoping to hear our girls giggling from the other room – the music of my life. Thanks for that, Isaac.

Celeste Haar

Celeste Haar MetryChick | New Orleans Moms BlogCeleste can be found creating new designs with or blogging about healthy lifestyles on Mega MetryChick. She is the mom of 2.5, with a baby boy due in mid-November 2012. Born and raised in Metairie, she is raising her children the same and is always excited to share what’s new in life. Put on your big girl panties and buckle up. This is going to be fun!


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