5 Things Moms of “Unstoppable Girls” Do Differently

Disclosure :: after I fan girl-ed BIG time over their podcast, Coach Bre was kind enough to give me full access to the Elite Competitor™ program for purposes of sharing with New Orleans moms. Whether you invest in the 10 week program OR just take advantage of the FREE one hour training, I truly believe ALL moms can benefit from this information.

5 Things Moms of “Unstoppable Girls” Do Differently

Not too long ago I was scrolling Instagram when an account popped up that caught my eye. The tagline read, “we help sports moms strengthen their daughter’s mental game so sheraising unstoppable girls podcast review believes in herself as much as you do.” As the mom of a competitive gymnast and dancer, I was immediately intrigued. I quickly realized that the account itself was also affiliated with a podcast, Raising Unstoppable Girl Athletes, which I devoured in its entirety in approximately three days. The word unstoppable directly translated means “impossible to stop or prevent.” What mom doesn’t want to raise an unstoppable girl?

Y’all. The content was so, so good. For hours I listened to moms open up about the challenges of raising girl athletes. From sudden mental hurdles in their tumbling to dips in confidence while batting to endless tears after practice to anxiety about trying out for a team … it was all so very relatable. I don’t know any mom that hasn’t experienced their athlete daughter struggle with something. The common thread in all of the moms’ stories is that they are 100% confident in their daughter’s abilities; they know their girls have what it takes to be unstoppable. And yet, something does indeed stop their daughters from performing at their best consistently. What is it?

I registered for the free online training because all of this was binge-worthy content to me, and I couldn’t get enough. I love learning about brain science and how to parent more effectively, and this program does all of that brilliantly in a way that is relatable and approachable. Maybe your daughter is struggling with backwards tumbling, her playing time / position, “losing” a skill she once had, not making a team or even a relationship with her coach. Alternatively, maybe your daughter is in a great place mentally and crushing all of her goals right now. In either scenario, please take my word that you HAVE to put this podcast and training on your list.

It turns out that “unstoppable girls” aren’t just born that way. Chances are their parents are tuned in to the proven strategies for raising confident girls (spoiler alert: these tips cost nothing to implement with your own daughter).

Credit :: everything shared below is something I personally learned via The Elite Competitor™ Program. I am not going to give it all away because it’s truly worth listening to the podcast and attending the training for yourself. These concepts do not belong to me, but I have made an effort to put them into routine practice.
  1. Unstoppable girls have parents who know and embrace their role. Pro tip: you are there to be her mom, not her coach (with rare exception you may literally be her coach, which is different, of course). If you have a tendency to say, “next time, remember to focus on…” or “don’t forget to point your toes…” or “be sure you swing level…” – you need to stop right now (I say that lovingly). There are much better things to say to help her confidence, and Elite Competitor™ tells you what those are!
  2. Unstoppable girls have parents who embrace the spectrum of emotions. Emotions are okay! In fact, emotions are very normal and should be experienced on a spectrum. Have you ever said something like, “focus on the positive” or “there’s no reason to be upset,” or “you should be proud!” These are not productive things to say even though we as moms think they are helpful. The good news is you can learn what to say instead. Part of raising an unstoppable girl is learning how to help her be comfortable with being UNcomfortable. Elite Competitor™ unpacks all of that. It’s mind blowing!
  3. Unstoppable girls are taught that failure is inevitable. What I am about to say may rock your world. Tell your kids RIGHT NOW that you expect them to fail. Yep, tell them that you expect them to lose at some point. They will strike out. They will miss a shot. They will fall off the beam. Make losing normal. Elite Competitor™ explains why normalizing losses is critical to success and confidence.
  4. Unstoppable girls have parents who give them space. Let’s face it. After a bad day at work, do you feel like immediately unpacking that with your spouse? Do you really want to rehash the presentation that bombed with your boss in a debrief? No. Why would your daughter want to do that after a game or performance? If you have a tendency to word vomit during the ride home from a game / practice / tryout, you aren’t alone. If you are unsure what to do instead of asking all the questions or saying all the things, Elite Competitor™ is for you.
  5. Unstoppable girls have moms who know that they are the single biggest influence on their daughters. One thing that resonated throughout every podcast episode I listened to, as well as every training module I completed, is that the work of improving your mindset can never be fully finished BUT it starts with us. As moms, we are the single biggest influence on our daughters’ confidence and how they show up in the world. That sounds really obvious until you start unpacking the messages you may be (unintentionally) sending her with your “helpful” words of encouragement and advice. The truth is that most of the strategies that instill confidence in our kids are NOT intuitive. All of us truly mean well as parents, but often times we are unknowingly hurting more than we are helping. The good news is that it is never too late to start, although the best time to start this mindset work is yesterday!

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about the nuggets of wisdom that are shared in both the free hour long Elite Competitor™ training, as well as the full 10-week course. If you like supporting your daughter but want to be sure that you are saying and doing things that *actually* lead to a more confident athlete, give it a listen. It may easily be the best hour you spend listening to parenting advice to date!

Ashley Angelico
Ashley is the Co-Owner of New Orleans Mom, Red Stick Mom and Lafayette Mom, now the largest network of parenting websites in South Louisiana. Proud graduates of the University of Virginia, she and her husband Blaise spent time in Tampa and Scottsdale prior to settling down back home in New Orleans, something they both said "would never happen." An avid runner, she'll try any workout at least once and is always up for sweating with friends. When she’s not shuttling her 3 very active kids to school, gymnastics or baseball, you can find her cheering for the Saints, trying new restaurants or spending time with family and friends. She's also not afraid to return mediocre books to the library before finishing them because life is too short for bad books. A native New Orleanian, Ashley loves exploring and discovering the beauty of South Louisiana through her growing children's eyes.


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