FREE TRAINING :: The Mental Playbook Every Sports Mom Needs For Her Athlete

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How you can increase your athlete’s confidence and mental strength without…

  • The up and down emotional rollercoaster
  • Pushing them too hard and coming off as the “bad guy”
  • Overthinking and getting frustrated
  • Minimizing their feelings and coming off as “not understanding them”

…even when there’s drama with their teammates or they have a terrible coach


WHEN: June 22 @ 12pm CT 

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Sounds too good to be true?

It’s not. I’ve coached thousands of athletes just like your son or daughter who have transformed their mental game. Over time, I discovered there are key actions athletes can do differently to shift their mental strength.
I’m sharing this free training to show you how you can help your athlete’s mental game today.

You’ll learn:

  • How and what to say before and after competition so your athlete feels encouraged and understood (never hear “you just don’t get it” again!)
  • The key changes that will allow your athlete to shake off mistakes and bounce back instead of getting down on themselves
  • How to overcome perfectionism and the fear of letting teammates down so your athlete can play without feeling like they’re not good enough
  • All while strengthening their mental game so they believe in themselves as much as you do!

Knowing how to build their confidence is easier than you think.

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I’m coach Breanne Smedley and for years the number one question I’ve heard from parents is ‘How do I build her confidence?!”
I’ve worked with thousands of young athletes and their parents to overcome the pressures and challenges they are facing in their sport so they can become the mentally strong athlete you know they can be.
As a mom, I know you want this for your athlete…
🌟 To play consistently to their potential
🌟 Bounce back from mistakes quickly
🌟 Not be so incredibly hard on themselves
🌟 To see the good in themselves and their abilities
You’re at the perfect point, right now, to really make an impact on their sports journey.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of strengthening your athlete’s mental game.