Five Reasons Moms Should Consider Clean Lawn Care Options in New Orleans

Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by Clean Air Lawn Care New Orleans. 

Five Reasons Moms Should Consider Clean Lawn Care Options in New Orleans

Did you know that there is a cleaner, safer and environmentally- friendly option for lawn care? Clean Air Lawn Care New Orleans is a full-service lawn care company. They use solar panels to power all equipment as well as organic treatments and fertilizers. Owner Chris Lynn cares for his clients’ lawns in the cleanest, safest, quietest way possible. With his dedication to running a business focused on sustainability, Chris is committed to do what he can to help the air quality and protect the waterways in his community, while making his hometown a little prettier, one lawn at a time.

So Why Should You Consider a “CLEAN” Lawn Care Option?

  • Think Big Picture :: Keeping neighborhoods green and healthy is just the beginning. Clean Air Lawn Care’s solar-powered business model also eliminates lawn care-related air pollution while greening up your neighborhood. Did you know :: Small engines, in particular 2-stroke engines used in conventional lawn care equipment, contribute up to 10% of the nation’s air pollution? Another fun fact: In just one hour, a gasoline lawn mower can pollute as much as an SUV driven 23,600 miles.
  • Don’t Ruin Nap Time :: Electric lawn mowers are 4 times quieter and operate at about 75 dB while a similar gasoline mower is 95 dB. Their blowers and trimmers are also electric to reduce the noise level of the complete lawn care service visit.
  • Keep Your Family Safe :: 53% of chemical-based lawn care products include ingredients that are carcinogens, as defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Clean Air’s organic fertilizer and weed controls are safe for pets and people.
  • What is Holistic Lawn Care :: By enhancing the natural biology of the lawn using organic fertilizer and soil-building probiotic treatments, it will require less water, be less susceptible to pests, and naturally fight back against weeds.

Ready to Learn More about Clean Air Lawn Care?

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  • 20% off lawn compost top dressing with aeration  (~ $100 value)

Chris Lynn’s career has taken a 180-degree turn with Clean Air Lawn Care. His background in mechanical engineering led him to a busy career in the offshore oil industry, often taking him around the world. Back home in New Orleans, Chris is now the owner of Clean Air Lawn Care New Orleans, bringing the company’s brand of quiet, solar-powered electric lawn care to the Big Easy. Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Chris made the move to New Orleans to be closer to his extended family. As his own family has grown, his decision to come home and get involved with Clean Air Lawn Care was an easy one. Chris is proud to be the first Clean Air Lawn Care franchise owner in Louisiana. He and his team look forward to beautifying the lawns of greater New Orleans, using Clean Air’s proven solar-powered and chemical-free services.



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