Trends in New Orleans’ Backyards And Landscapes

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Trends in New Orleans’ Backyards and Landscapes

New Orleans is undeniably one of the most enjoyable cities. Typically, New Orleans’ designation as a great city is attributed to its unique culture or unrivaled food scene.  Meanwhile, the climate in New Orleans is often scorned for being too hot and too humid.  While that might be the case for a few monthsArticle image 1-2 out of the year, it is also true that New Orleans rarely experiences the unbearable cold of winter that overwhelms much of the country.  Those often pleasant winter days, combined with the near perfect conditions of New Orleans’ spring and fall, allow residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors throughout most of the year. Quite a few ideas have been trending for New Orleanians to reap the benefits of the city’s palatable weather conditions.

Locals are expanding their living spaces to include the outdoors. Fully functional kitchens, screened-in dining spaces, seating areas beneath vine-covered pergolas, and fireplaces that provide winter warmth are some examples of outdoor spaces that have become very popular. These expansions not only provide a desirable setting; they turn unused land into functional space as homeowners quickly outgrow their interior living spaces.

To properly utilize your outdoor space, it is just as important to incorporate the surrounding landscape. When adding outdoor structures, such as a fireplace, pergola, dining space, or kitchen, you want to effectively blend the hardscapes with the softscapes. One of the easiest ways to achieve a cohesive outdoor space is by selecting the proper greenery to use in the surrounding gardens. It is important to not only choose plants that work with the overall
Article Image 2design aesthetics, but also make choices that are suitable for the locations they will occupy.  The growth habit, light requirements, and watering needs are just a few of the important characteristics that must be considered when selecting plants. Additionally, specimens that provide a pleasant fragrance are commonly used to envelop an outdoor living space.  Gardenia, sweet olive, citrus, and various jasmines are just a few examples of fragrant and reliable plantings often used in our landscapes.  While proper plant selection is not an exact science, it can be a daunting task for those who don’t seek professional advice.

Similarly, proper maintenance is an important job that can often be overwhelming without the help of an experienced hand.  In New Orleans’ plant friendly climate, landscapes can quickly transform and lose their well-planned cohesiveness.  Flowering trees, shrubs, and vines require timely trimming to prevent cutting off flower buds.  Knowing why, when, and how to care for the countless planting options that thrive in our area can keep that perfect outdoor space from becoming unmanageable. Utilizing all of these ideas can leave you with a wonderfully functional outdoor space that you can enjoy all year long.

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An alumnus of St. Martin’s Episcopal School and Rhodes College,Fam Wheeler has lived in the New Orleans Area for all but five years of his life.  Wheeler has been working in the local landscaping industry since 2006. He is currently an Account Manager at Mullin Landscape Associates.  In addition to his considerable practical knowledge and experience, Wheeler has a Landscape Horticulturist license, Commercial Pesticide Applicator license, as well as his Irrigation Contractors license. Wheeler enjoys spending his free time with his family, on the golf course, and in the marshes of Louisiana.  In March of 2015, Wheeler and his wife welcomed their first child into the family, which also includes a trouble-making chocolate lab.


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