Booked and Busy: When Is Too Much Fun Too Much Fun?

Booked and Busy: When Is Too Much Fun Too Much Fun?

Spring has sprung and the weather has been absolutely gorgeous lately. It’s fest time, graduation parties are around the corner, and outdoor hangouts just seem to be all the rave. Let’s add on what the kids want to do just for fun and double it if you have teenagers. You’re only one person but want to do it all. How do you know when to say no?

This weekend went a little like this:

I led a mom hangout/workout, went to a backyard play session, had lunch with the husband (sans kids), and strolled the French Quarter Fest on Friday.

On Saturday I planned to attend party in Gulfport but plans changed and it became a family day full of storytime at Baldwin & Co., Hansen’s sno-balls, Rouses boiled shrimp, and lounging in the heart of City Park listening to oldies on the speaker and throwing ball with the kids.

Sunday was a full day of service, a spring themed playdate at Bluebird Park with the St. Bernard Parish Fire Department as a special guest, and strolling an art market in Arabi.

Now the party in Gulfport went unattended partially because I have to be over there next weekend as well so I weighed my options. Also, there were many things that I wanted to plan for Saturday (like the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival) but didn’t because I still had every intention of going to the Mississippi Gulf Coast right up until the morning of. After all was said and done, I was relieved that at least one day out of the weekend wasn’t purposely planned. We went outside and let the day have its way and it was truly a fun time in the city.

Sometimes we want to pen everything into our calendar to please everyone and not miss out on any of the fun. Sometimes an exhausted evening and plop on the bed is well worth it. Eventually though, some things have to give.

When debating if you should pass on an event, consider these three things:

1. Will I regret missing out on something else?
2. Have I already committed to another event?
3. Will this event come around again/is it regular?

If your answer to the first two are YES, then you might want to take some time to contemplate the pros and cons and if attending is worth it. If your answer to the last one is NO then consider why this once in a lifetime event is so important, make it a priority, and don’t event think about scheduling something else at this day and time.

Remember, at the end of the day the day has to end. Try to end each one with gratitude and not anxiety.

Keonshae Freeman
Keonshae Freeman is a certified personal trainer and birth-worker/doula. She graduated Mississippi State University with a bachelor’s degree in Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion. Keonshae teaches Zumba, group fitness, and childbirth education classes. When she isn’t in the gym, with family, or with a client, you can find Keonshae reading a good book or exploring parts of the Big Easy. Originally from Biloxi, MS, she lives in St. Bernard Parish with her husband and 6 children.


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