Celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day by Celebrating Lives

October 6 is World Cerebral Palsy Day

It is a day to celebrate the lives of those with Cerebral Palsy.

Diagnosed early on in life, Cerebral Palsy is the most common physical disability among children. It is a permanent disability that affects movement. CP is caused by a brain injury that occurs before, during or after birth. Muscle tone, coordination, balance, and posture can be affected. The effects of CP vary from person to person.

I want to show you those who have CP and celebrate all that they are.

Meet Roman

Roman is a 5-year-old from New Orleans, Louisiana. He has a zest for life. He loves music. He rocks out to Jazz, Oldies, and Metal daily. He is learning how to read music and to play the piano. Roman is a people person. He speaks to everyone and remembers everyone’s name. He loves football and baseball. He plays baseball on the Miracle League and he rides horses twice a week. He is a true storyteller and an old soul. He is gentle and kind yet fiercely determined. He has cerebral palsy. After a big intervention and training like an athlete, Roman started independently walking in March, 6 months ago.

Meet Maya

Maya is a vibrant, happy, and adventurous 6-year-old from Traverse City, Michigan. Maya Loves school, her brothers, Winter the dolphin and her 3 legged dog Abby. Maya is always up for the next challenge. She exudes confidence. Maya has cerebral palsy. Over the last year, Maya has gone from taking her first steps to walking around her house.

Meet Reynold

Reynold is a 7-year-old from Pembroke Pines, Florida. He loves football and baseball. People are amazed by his knowledge of sports. Reynold has heart and persistence. He does not back down to a challenge. Reynold has cerebral palsy. Reynold spends every summer and every day after school working hard in therapy. Reynold started walking independently 18 months ago.

Meet Angler

Angler is a 6-year-old from Tennessee. Fishing, Baseball, and his daddy are his loves. He fishes with his dad and plays baseball on the Miracle League. Angler loves the outdoors. He is a country boy at heart. He confidently runs around with his walker in different terrain and at school. After lots of hard work and therapy, Angler has begun walking independently around his house.

Meet Sophia

Sophia will be 4 years old in December. She is from Ocean Springs, Mississippi. She loves music, playing in her kitchen and riding her toy car. She adores her puppies Macy and Cindy. She loves pizza and loves to swim. Sophia has cerebral palsy. She is learning to walk slowly without equipment while her mom holds her hips.

Meet Winston

Winston is a four-year-old from Brooklyn, New York. He loves any art activity and he loves to play with trains. Winston has cerebral palsy. Winston travels to Boston, L.A., and Toronto often for intensive therapy. He started walking when he was 2 and a half years old. Winston works out like an Olympian and he loves to sing while doing it.

Meet Rhida and Gheed

Rhida and Gheed are 5-year-old twins from Iraq. They have traveled to the U.S. and Egypt for interventions and therapy to help their mobility. This was a big adventure for their family. They work hard and have lots of fun together. They started school in September. They are both enjoying school and their increased freedom.

Meet Willow

Willow is a 4-year-old from Australia. She loves to play with her two sisters. She also loves to read, sing and paint. Willow likes to tell her mom that she is really strong. Willow has cerebral palsy. Willow is in the U.S. this week undergoing a life changing surgery to aid her mobility.

Connection and Celebration

Today, World CP day is about connection and celebration. We celebrate the lives of these kids and the amazing things they are doing in this world.

From New Orleans to Tennessee, Florida, Boston, Michigan, Mississippi, Australia, and Iraq. Most of these children have never met, but I am certain that if they all were in the same room, they would light up the world with all of their strength, beauty, and heart.

We have connected all around the world because together we celebrate every inch and mile stone that our kids reach. We text each other. We send videos. We cry. We laugh, and we lift each other up. We share life-changing interventions and breakthroughs. We share the mundane, the difficult and the extraordinary.

Happy World CP day. Today, we celebrate you along with all of the families that are touched by CP.

Kelley Lockhart-Delaune
Kelley Lockhart Delaune was born and raised In Metairie, Lousiana. She is married to her husband and has two boys, Roman (10) and Remy (8). Kelley received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from LSU and her Masters in Social Work from Tulane in 2002. Kelley is a psychotherapist in private practice. She owns Modern Therapy and Wellness, a group practice. Her and her team focus on helping others to heal themselves and their relationships. You can find her mental health and wellness blog at: https://moderntherapyandwellness.com/. In her spare time, you can find her working out, drinking coffee, going to the beach, cursing too much, staying up too late and writing.


  1. Kelley you are an amazing woman, mom and wife. They always say God does not give us more than we can handle, and my goodness you are a champion and I know there are times is is so hard but I know in my heart you never give up. You are an amazing family


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