10 Reasons You or Someone You Know Might Need an ADHD Coach

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by MindCoachNola and written by Adela Baker, Founder and CEO, Mind Coach NOLA.

10 Reasons You or Someone You Know Might Need an ADHD Coach

1. You feel overwhelmed with all that you have to do.

You sometimes feel anxious or depressed and get stuck in your head. It’s so much easier to watch Netflix with a glass of wine.

Your coach will help you identify what truly needs to be done rather than what “should” or “could” be done. You will learn how to divide large tasks into small, easy steps, while removing obstacles to ensure success. The sense of overwhelm melts away.

2. You are forever running late.

You are the master of procrastination. Because you have to arrange your kids’ socks in rainbow order now. It will just take a second.

Your coach will help you train your brain for time awareness and help you develop tools to track how you spend your time and accurately estimate how long it will take to complete tasks, all of course, in a fun way. If your brain is not having fun, it’s not going to happen.

3. You seem to misplace things easily.

Your house is a mess. You reach into your purse
for a pen and look what you found! That long lost pink pacifier!

Your coach will help you strengthen your working memory and help you identify tools and strategies to organize your spaces for easy retrieval.

4. You know what you need to do but you just can’t seem to get yourself to do it.

You struggle with daily routines and sleep schedules. Your gym bag is packed and in
the car, in the trunk, or under the seat, you think.

Your coach will help you figure out a realistic plan for you so that you arrive to work on time, well dressed, having had a healthy breakfast and a good night’s sleep. Maybe your routine includes morning exercise, meditation and writing too. Everyone in the household walks out with a smile.

5. You get stuck in trying to make things perfect.

You can hyper focus on one activity, but often the wrong one. You know that the ideal boho-chic rug for your living room is out there somewhere at the perfect price. It’s just a few more clicks away. You’re so close!

Your coach will help you refocus your hyperfocus, while understanding the notion of “good enough” so that your perfection does not impede your progress.

6. You’ve been labeled as lazy, crazy, or stupid.

You’ve always been told that you “have so much potential.” There’s no point in going back to grad school… is there?

Your coach will help you understand the neurobiology behind the ADHD brain, how the challenges have nothing to do with intelligence or discipline, but rather with how your brain is wired. You will learn what YOUR brain needs to be happy, efficient and productive.

7. You are always so busy yet don’t seem to make any progress.

You can’t seem to focus on the important stuff. But you do know what is uniquely important to you by now. Don’t you?

Your coach will help you identify your personal values and purpose in life, to spark your passion and ignite your intrinsic motivation. You will learn to live in alignment with your purpose so that you may live every day with intent, leading to a life of fulfillment.

8. You have trouble with the “adult” responsibilities of life.

You find planning and prioritizing really hard. Piano lesson, baseball practice, diorama project, and grandma’s birthday all in one night? Sure thing.

Your coach will help you get out of crisis mode and put out the fires. Better yet, you will learn preventive measures and strategies that work with your learning style so that you can look forward to using them daily and truly stay on top of it all.

how to know if you have adult ADHD9. You make impulsive decisions that you later regret.

Your emotions can be extreme highs or lows. Of course you need those new Gucci thigh high boots. You deserve them and they are so useful!

Your coach will help you learn how to pause in the moment so that your frontal lobes can function and think rationally, while still feeling emotion (just not being controlled by it.)

10. You have so many incredible ideas.

You can brainstorm forever without actually doing. You have an elaborate plan for every citizen of New Orleans to compost 100% of their  biodegradable waste. You’re going to call LaToya first thing tomorrow morning.

Your coach will help you appreciate your turbo-thinking brain, help you collect your ideas, make decisions, and initiate tasks to select a plan of action and follow through with it until the end.

ADHD Symposium

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Adela Baker, PCAC, founded Mind Coach NOLA, LLC in 2016. Based in New Orleans, but also working with clients around the world, she is a full-time ADHD coach and a full-time mom. She mainly coaches teens with executive function skill deficits, parents of children with ADHD, and savvy, creative women. She is also a popular speaker and workshop facilitator in local South Louisiana organizations and schools. Adela graduated from Tufts University with dual bachelor’s degrees in French and Spanish and is fluent in five languages—English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian.

Due to her years of working with children and teenagers, she understands what children need to succeed academically, in addition to what they require for happiness and balance. She now lives in her hometown of New Orleans with her ADHD son, neurotypical daughter, neurotypical cat, and ADHD dogs. When not coaching or caring for her children, Adela can be found running, practicing yoga, and volunteering in her community, especially for ADHD awareness and Scouting.


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