Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe is Opening in Old Metairie Soon!

Taziki’s is Opening in Old Metairie Soon!

Tazkiki’s Mediterranean Cafe is Opening in the former Zoe’s Kitchen location.

As most of us have heard or noticed by now, Zoe’s Kitchens across the New Orleans metro area have indeed closed. It does not seem that anyone was particularly happy to see Zoe’s go, as most of us truly loved their menu and easy options. Plus, Zoe’s was kid-friendly and also affordable. Alas, Zoe’s Kitchen ain’t dere no more and we have eagerly been waiting to see what restaurant(s) would replace each Zoe’s location.

It appears that the Elmwood location of Zoe’s is being repurposed into CAVA, which does get rave reviews. CAVA is already open in Baton Rouge, and moms report that it is a great spot to eat with their family. At some point in 2023, it appears that New Orleans will get to see what CAVA is all about.

The Old Metairie location of Zoe’s, however, will be transformed into Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe. Similar to Zoe’s you order at a counter at Taziki’s and then wait for your food at your table. You can dine in or take out, and there are family meals available as well. The Taziki’s menu is similar to Zoe’s in some ways, with sandwiches, entrees, sides and also a kids’ menu. Taziki’s also offers gluten-friendly and vegan options.

Having eaten at one in Alabama, we don’t feel it is an exact replacement to Zoe’s (we will never get over the chicken salad!) … but sometime in 2023, Old Metairie will indeed have a fast casual mediterranean option again.


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