The Doctor Doesn’t Need to Be Spooky!

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The Doctor Doesn’t Need to Be Spooky!

The Doctor Doesn’t Need to Be Spooky!
LCMC Health Urgent Care’s tricks & treats on bringing your little one for a visit

Halloween is just around the corner y’all, and while kids eagerly anticipate dressing up in their favorite costumes and collecting buckets of candy, some little ones may also find this time of year a bit spooky. But what if your child’s fear extends beyond ghosts and ghouls to the doctor’s office? For moms in New Orleans, LCMC Health Urgent Care understands your concerns and is here to help. Check out our tricks and treats to make an urgent care visit less spooky for your child, ensuring a stress-free experience. 

  1. Choose a Familiar Facility: 

One of the most effective ways to ease your child’s anxiety about doctor visits is to select a healthcare provider or place they’re familiar with. LCMC Health Urgent Care offers experienced providers who see ages 3 months and up at all 9 locations in the Greater New Orleans Area.  Chances are there’s one right around the corner from you! We can create a sense of familiarity and trust with your child, making each visit more comfortable.

  1. Bring Their Favorite Toy or Stuffed Animal:

Children often find comfort in the presence of their favorite toy or stuffed animal. Allow your child to bring their trusted companion along to the doctor’s office. This familiar object can provide a sense of security during the visit, helping to alleviate any anxiety or fear.

  1. Explain the Process:

Before the appointment, have a simple and age-appropriate conversation with your child about what to expect during the urgent care visit. Explain that the provider is there to help them stay healthy and that most visits involve friendly nurses, colorful rooms, and stickers or rewards for being brave. You can even create a positive association with the healthcare facility by playing “doctor” at home. Knowing what to expect can help your child feel more in control and less scared.

  1. Use Positive Language:

Be mindful of the words you use when discussing the visit. Avoid using words like “shots,” “pain,” or “hurt.” Instead, focus on positive and reassuring language, emphasizing the importance of staying healthy and strong. This can help ease your child’s apprehension about the visit.

  1. Offer a Small Reward

Consider offering a small reward for your child’s bravery after the appointment. Whether it’s a special treat, a visit to their favorite park, or some extra playtime, having something to look forward to can motivate your child to be cooperative during the visit.

Join Us in Kenner for “Trunk or Treat” on October 28th!

We’re excited to announce that LCMC Health Urgent Care in Kenner will be hosting a special Trunk or Treat event on October 28th from 5pm-7pm. Join us for an evening of family-friendly Halloween fun! Dress up in your favorite costumes, collect treats from decorated car trunks, and enjoy a safe and spooktacular time with the community. 

Trunk or Treat
Remember, visiting an urgent care doesn’t have to be spooky for your child. By taking these proactive steps and choosing LCMC Health Urgent Care as your trusted walk-in care facility in New Orleans, we can work together to help your child feel more at ease. LCMC Health Urgent Care has nine convenient clinics to treat you and your family, including our
brand-new center opening in Chalmette on October 16, 2023! Plus, we offer flu vaccines for children ages 4 and up. Simply walk-in, book your check-in time online or children 12 and up can schedule a Virtual Care visit! Also, be sure to “Like” and “Follow” LCMC Health Urgent Care on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy and healthy Halloween!


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