Girl Vs. Grill: White Bean and Pesto Hummus

Today on the blog we are thrilled to bring you a fun, lighthearted series in preparation for summer! It’s starting to warm up, the days are longer, the kids are taking swim lessons and we’re gearing up for … summer barbecue season! We don’t know about you all, but our team loves nothing more than relaxing with family and friends during these slower New Orleans days. We are thrilled to partner with Langenstein’s and Touro Infirmary as sponsors to bring you “Girl Vs. Grill,” a collection of online summer recipes that will culminate with two in person events in May. We hope you will take inspiration from these recipes, register for the dietitian led shopping tours on May 14 and join us for an interactive learning (and shopping) experience. As always, there will be swag … this time it will just be centered around creating the perfect summer grilling party!

Girl Vs. Grill: White Bean and Pesto Hummus

I don’t own an actual grill but that doesn’t stop me from grilling on occasion. I have a lovely Le Cruset grill pan and while it doesn’t get a ton of use, it was still a good purchase. One of my favorite things to make with it is grilled bread. It’s not hard at all and it looks nice, especially for guests. I serve it with White Bean and Pesto hummus, which is surprisingly easy to make. Here are the steps.


  • 1 can of Canellini beans, drained
  • About two T of your favorite store bought pesto
  • About 1 T of olive oil plus more for brushing on the bread
  • 1/2 of a large lemon (I got this one from a lovely neighbor’s tree)
  • A loaf of your favorite bakery bread, sliced (I used rosemary sourdough)


Step 1: Add the beans and olive oil to a food processor. Plus for a few seconds, until smooth.

Step 2: Open the lid of the processor and add the pesto and squeeze the lemon. (You can add a pinch of salt if you want but I don’t think it needs it.)

Step 3: Pulse a few moments more until it looks like this:

photo (6)

Step 4: Take your sliced bread and slice the pieces in half again like this.

photo (7)

Step 5: Heat up your grill pan and brush it with some olive oil. Once its heated up, place the oiled side down on the pan like this.

photo (9)

Step 6: Oil the side facing up. Leave the bread on the grill over a medium high heat for about 2-3 minutes each side. When the bread looks good, flip it and do the same to the other side.

photo (10)

Step 7: Put the hummus in a serving bowl and arrange the bread around it. Eat and enjoy!!

photo (11)

We’d love to see you in a few weeks at Langenstein’s where you can pick up the ingredients for this recipe, as well as other healthy summer barbecue tips from Touro Infirmary’s registered dietitian, Julie Fortenberry. You’ll also receive a 10% discount to shop that day, as well as a fun bag of our favorite grilling items!

Girl Versus Grill v3


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