My Journey to Clear & Brilliant Skin

Y’all, I am petrified of aging. Listen, I know, embrace your wrinkles and your laugh lines. I swore I would not get the Botox bug because I knew once I started, there was no turning back. The first time I got Botox, I was 37. I WISH it would have been sooner. I am obsessed with it. If I am loving this so much, what are some other anti-aging procedures out there?

Introducing the Clear & Brilliant® Laser Treatment!!! Now, this is probably not new, but it was new to me. This is a more affordable treatment similar to micro-needling. “Clear + Brilliant® works by creating hundreds of thousands of microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, which replaces damaged skin with healthy-looking tissue and yields younger-looking skin.”

The procedure is non-invasive, there is no cutting or needles. It leaves your skin feeling smoother and more youthful. The process is quite simple. I had 3 treatments done, this will depend on your dermatologist on the number of treatments. You arrive 30 minutes before your appointment for them to apply a numbing cream, this is so you don’t really feel the laser. The best way I can explain how it feels is like a tracing wheel but on your face. Not painful, but you feel it.

I could already see a difference in my skin after the first treatment. Here are my photos from beginning to end.

I will follow up with facials/peels every so often to maintain the treatment, who doesn’t enjoy being pampered. I know I do! Moms deserve it!

Have you done any laser treatments? Are you scared of aging? Is it ever too early to take care of your skin?

*This post is not sponsored and is one local mom’s experience with this laser treatment. 

Jeanne DeLasalle
Jeanne is a single mom to a wonderful son who loves nothing more than her family, friends, and her Saints. Born and raised in New Orleans, she enjoys everything this city has to offer. In her spare time you can catch her napping or binge watching movies on her couch. On Sunday's in the fall, she is in the Superdome and goes into a state of depression when football season is over.


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