Trips to Disney Without Your Kids is a Must

Trips to Disney Without Your Kids is a Must

I love trips to Disney! Yes, I am one of “those people” who loves Disney. I have already taken my child over two times to the parks, twice on the Disney cruise and she’s only four. I plan to take her again soon. There is something about the magic of Disney through the eyes of your child. There is something magical about the Disney Experience as an adult without your kids as well. Yep, I said it. Disney without your children is pretty amazing.

I grew up in Florida, so trips to Disney happened quite a few times a year. The trips as a teenager / young adult were a fun time. After becoming a mom, trips to Disney without kids have been fun for different reasons.  

One thing that stands out is, you can enjoy the trip without the pressure to rush and do it all so your kid does not miss anything. When you travel with your children, you want to book every character experience and see/do it all. It almost makes some of that trip feel rushed. When you go as an adult with friends, most of you have been to Disney before. This allows for seeing the things that you all truly like and brings you joy. You pace yourselves to see what is important to you all.

Another benefit is you all are adults so you all know when your limit is and when it appears. Want to stay all night? Do it. You won’t hear complaining because spending time there till closing is your own decision. Want to go to a night party at the park, the ones that sometimes go past 11pm? Book it and have a ball with your friends. 

Without having to buy a ton of souvenirs, like a light up bubble wand or balloons, you can purchase Genie+ and book lightning lanes (formerly Fast Pass) instead. Go from ride to ride with your girlfriends. 

Lastly, you can enjoy one of the adult themed festivals, like the Food and Wine Festival with your 21 and up crowd. Epcot is known for “Drinking around the World” themed trips with your partner and adult friends. 

Will I continue to go to Disney with my daughter? Of course! I love experiencing the smile on her face and the joy of her seeing her favorite princess. However, every once in a while, take the trip to Disney without your kids. Disney Mommas, enjoy yourself. Experience the magic without the stress and responsibility of being “Mom.”

Kristina Robertson
Kristina is originally from Miami, Florida but calls New Orleans home for the last 9 years. She got her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and her Podiatric Medical Degree from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Kristina and her husband moved to New Orleans to lay some roots in the Big Easy. She is currently co-owner and practitioner at NOLA Sole Podiatry. She has a lovable and amazing daughter, Victoria Isabel. In her downtime, she loves being out and about with her husband and daughter. They love trying new restaurants and going to festivals. We love exploring different cultures and cultural events here in New Orleans and loves exposing her daughter to them. She also loves going to parks with her family and furbabies. Kristina loves supporting dog rescues and wishes she could rescue all the adoptable dogs in NOLA but will settle for 2 right now.


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