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Father Daughter Doing a Family DIY Project Building a Table

Got a leaky faucet? A room that needs renovating? Maybe your walls need some new color? Keeping your home up-to-date is no small task. And being a Do-It-Yourself Mom means you need to have access to resources to help with your home improvement projects. That’s why New Orleans Mom is always keeping an eye out for all the latest DIY and home improvement trends, tips, ideas and styles.

We’ve got ideas for choosing your next coat of paint. We’ve got tips on how to create your own art from mementos and otherwise ordinary objects.  We’ve even got one writer’s story about how she reuses or repurposes old items to “upcycle” and make them new again.

Many of our DIY and home improvement ideas focus on preserving your budget, making things easier, or just having fun and playing games.  In some cases, we work to keep alive skills that our mothers’ and our mothers’ mothers had, like how sewing isn’t just a great way to create original clothing and costumes for family members, but also a fun and rewarding hobby.

Our DIY and home improvement stories come from experience. When the pandemic shut down the local hair salons and barber shops, one of our contributors chronicled her experiences being the household barber.

At New Orleans Mom, our DIY and home improvement content isn’t just about paint, hammers, and nails. We also write about improving yourself, especially by finding and maintaining productive and fulfilling hobbies

With a team of more than 30 writers bringing the best DIY and home improvement ideas, there’s always a new craft, hobby, renovation, or project for you on New Orleans Mom.

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