Budget Friendly Decorating Tips While in Quarantine

I’m not a decorator by degree or by trade, but I’m a decorator at heart. I like my home to feel like a sanctuary. While we are all spending more time in our homes for the foreseeable future, it’s important for the space around you to feel comfortable and satisfying when you look around.

Moving Furniture and Art

One easy thing to do with ZERO money involved is to move a small piece of furniture or artwork from it’s existing space and place it in another room or maybe just in another location in the same room. Even though the furniture or art isn’t new, it is appealing to the eye to see it a new space and can give a whole new look to another room.

Pillows and Throws

While this does have a minimal cost, spicing up your sofa with new pillows or throws can make your living area feel completely refreshed. Several home décor websites are cutting their prices to entice us to shop. I got a great deal on some beautiful pillows and throws from the Ballard Designs website.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can really be a pick me up, not only for a room but for the mood. For only a few dollars, pick up a bushel or two on your next grocery trip. If you have some mason jars or small vases, scatter a few around the house.

Picture Frames and Art

Picture frames can easily be given a second chance at life by spray painting or chalk painting. They are also another budget friendly item to find online if you prefer something new. Moving picture frames around the home can also help spice things up!

Painting a Small Room

Sometimes painting can be intimidating. If you have a small room, like a bathroom, pantry or laundry room, start there. It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can revive a room. The paint I prefer to use is Benjamin Moore. Some beautiful shades recently added to their collection are First Light and Crystalline. However, I just love Revere Pewter!

Do YOU, not Trends

Trends and fads come and go! Stay true to what pleases your eye and the colors and textures that you love. Fads can be a time and money sink. Don’t get caught up in fads if you can help it, as they are not going to stick around for long.

During this time at home, look around and bring out the decorator in yourself. Start with one room and narrow your focus. Don’t try and rearrange the whole house! Happy Decorating!

Melissa is a former accountant, former educator, and current stay at home mom. She has two sons, Blake (12) and Owen (7). Residing on the Northshore for the last 15 years with her husband of 15 years and their sons, Melissa enjoys the simple life of coffee, country music, gardening, and decorating.


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