Five Ways to Make Renovating Your Home Easier {A Mom’s Perspective}

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Five Ways to Make Renovating Your Home Easier {A Mom’s Perspective}

My husband and I recently purchased a new (to us) home that needed some work before we could settle in. However, staying put in our current home wasn’t an option as we sold that property and both homes were set to close on the same date. We could have chosen to go the short-term housing route but that seemed like a waste of money. Instead we decided to move in while the renovations were completed. Here is how we survived ::

1. Let it go ::

Did you sing that in your best Elsa voice? Just me? Regardless, this is #1 for a reason. You  have to let go of your expectations when you are renovating a home and your daily life is disrupted. If the kids miss a bath; if they get too much screen time; if the floor is strewn with toys day in and day out … the fact of the matter is that this season will come to an end and you will have a chance to return to normal. Until then, embrace the ride and afford yourself (and your family) heaps of grace.

2. Let someone else do the cooking ::

Opt for convenience during this time. Our personal favorites were Clean Creations and 911 Chef Meals who got bonus points because they delivered healthy, fresh meals to our front door. Other personal favorites were pre-made meals from Whole Foods, the Chick-Fil-A drive through and anyone who delivered through the Waitr app. I rarely cooked while this was happening because the truth was between work, carpool, after school activities, unpacking and managing the renovation, there was little time for it. Did we gain a bit of weight from eating out so frequently? Of course. Did we find our way back to nutrition and normalcy? Absolutely.

3. Order a Zippy Shell ::

Take it from me, do not try to cram everything you own into one room in your house while other parts are being renovated. It feels stifling and claustrophobic. Our renovation consisted of installing new carpet in all of the kid’s bedrooms and a fresh coat of paint. Therefore, everything had to be removed from their 3 rooms (plus a playroom).

I wanted to work with someone local to help streamline this process, so I called Zippy Shell of Louisiana, which offers what’s known as “portable storage.” The Zippy Shell container was delivered to my home and placed exactly where I requested. The service was quick and friendly, and I would recommend them to anyone. The process is simple: a Zippy Shell is delivered to your home or business, and after it is packed and ready to go, the Zippy Shell team will pick it back up and move it to a new location or store it in their climate-controlled warehouse, based on your needs.

There is no need to rent a truck or make multiple trips transporting goods! You can choose a DIY option and load the Zippy Shell yourself, or  opt to have a Zippy Shell mover do the heavy lifting. We chose the DIY method. The unit was so simple to use. We placed furniture and boxes inside the spacious and secure unit, locked the doors and only had to travel about 20 feet from our front door to do so. The renovation was completed in stages so we were able to unpack at a pace that worked for us, all from the convenience of our driveway. No driving to a storage unit to grab boxes only to get home and realize you forgot what you needed. No rush to unload an entire delivery truck full of your belongings. We could work to unpack at our speed and everything was still on our property but not crowding the parts of the home we were living in.

4. Get out of the house ::

Kids can sense that life has been disrupted, albeit temporarily. Take them outside for a bike ride, go to the park, head to the movies, or something fun that you all enjoy doing together. It will clear your mind as well as theirs and will be the refresh you need during what can be a stressful period.

5. Accept Help or Hire it ::

Not everyone has a village so I understand this can be tough. However, if anyone offers to help, take it. Don’t question whether you should be able to do it on your own or feel as if you are imposing. Instead, accept the help offered when it is offered. If it is not offered and you are able to, devote some of your budget to things that will help make this time easier. Whether it is a babysitter for a couple of hours so you can unpack or so you can get some self care, or it is devoting funds to a meal at a restaurant so you don’t have to cook, outsource and invest in things that make life more convenient during this time.

Thank you to Zippy Shell of Louisiana for making this move and renovation so much easier for our family! 

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  1. Great information, we are just getting ready to finish our basement and remodel the kitchen. This gives me great ideas to store items and also remember to take some breathers.


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