Joey Yearous

Joey is a New Orleans native, Dominican alum, and LSU grad who joined the ranks of motherhood in the summer of 2019. She and her Colorado born-and-raised husband, Phil, left their Mid-City apartment for a house on the Northshore about ten days before they welcomed their son, Sam, into the world. And 19 months later, their daughter Sloane joined their family, thrusting them into the #2under2 life. Though she’s always had a passion for writing, it’s her work in whole-home generator sales that pays the bills. She’s a longtime member of the dance troupe The Muff-A-Lottas and when she isn’t covered in glitter and dancing through the streets of New Orleans, she’s usually cooking, trying new restaurants, and listening to true crime podcasts. A consummate Pinterest fanatic, she’s always looking for her next DIY project or recipe to try. She believes good senses of humor and random acts of kindness make the world go ‘round.

Sugar Rush:: Fancy Filled Air Fryer Donuts

Donuts have been a pretty serious pregnancy craving of mine lately. So much so, in fact, that I came up with two versions of air fryer donuts at home. My husband recently asked me if...

Time to Make the Donuts :: Air Fryer Donuts 2 Ways

There's no shortage of delicious donut places near our home, but a donut run for our family usually costs us around $20, which seems a bit of a splurge these days. So I decided...

Homemade Heirlooms:: The $40 Father’s Day Gift That’s Actually Priceless

If you wish to shop the items featured in this post, Amazon affiliate links are embedded below. A few years ago, a friend shared a post on Facebook about custom-decorated crawfish paddles. I immediately ordered...

Get Your Groove Back :: Boy Band Concert Edition

Hi, I’m Joey and I am a lifelong boy band fan. It started with New Kids on the Block when I was about 6 years old and continued during high school when *NSYNC and Backstreet...

No Need to Stand in Line :: Crawfish Crepes at Home

Missing out on French Quarter Fest this year? Bummer! Why not create a fest favorite at home? Muriel's Crawfish & Goat Cheese Crepes are one of my must-have dishes when we are at French...

Spring Cleaning Checklist:: Home Restock Edition

A friend recently posted on social media asking what Spring Cleaning tasks we take on and it got me thinking about what I do. I mainly try to deep clean room by room, throwing...

The Brunch Grazing Table: A Surprise Kid’s Party Hit

From the moment I found out I was expecting a daughter during my second pregnancy, my party-planning wheels began turning (just like this ambitious young lady's!). I browsed Pinterest for first birthday party themes...

The Anxious Little Boy Mom Who Could:: A Girly Girl’s Journey

Before the bright blue “lava” had finished flowing from the papier-mâché volcano at my first baby’s over-the-top gender reveal party, I was already hearing things like: “Oh, you’ll love it! Boys are so much easier...

Happy Birthday, Sort Of:: One Mom’s Solution to Pandemic-Interrupted Birthdays

A Note from the Author: I would like to acknowledge that, in the grand scheme of things, our family has been far luckier than so many others during this pandemic. I do understand that...

Tips for Taking Your Pantry from Messy to Magazine-Worthy

If you wish to shop the items featured in my pantry online, Amazon affiliate links are embedded below. I'm not big on making TikTok-style videos, but I have recently been swayed by my fellow New...

A New Orleans Classic Made Easy :: Instant Pot Crawfish Monica

If you are searching for things to do in New Orleans with kids, Jazz Fest is a fun and unique (though slightly expensive) event to consider. Jazz Fest features some of the country's best...

No Need to Stand in Line :: Easy Crawfish Bread at Home

If you are looking for things to do in New Orleans with kids, Jazz Fest is absolutely a wonderful event to consider. Jazz Fest offers some of the world's best live music, the most...

When You Dip, I Dip, We Dip :: Party Dips Series {Even More Dips}

I just love a good party dip. The creamy, cheesy (often cream cheesy) goodness on a cracker or chip is just <chef's kiss> to me. We've covered meaty dips like Muffaletta Dip and dessert dips...
tailgating dip recipes

When You Dip, I Dip, We Dip :: Party Dips Series {Dessert Tailgate Dips}

By now, it's pretty common knowledge that I'm a HUGE fan of party dips. Although they don't get nearly as much hype as their appetizer or meatier counterparts, dessert dips are a really fun addition...