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Saving for Santa: How to shop for the holidays on a budget

October is almost over...then Thanksgiving and then...Christmas? Nope! Guess again! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner! These are the two biggest shopping days of the year. Most people know...
First day of preschool | New Orleans Moms Blog

The Search for the “Perfect” Preschool

As the Admission Director at a New Orleans area independent school, I encounter the parents of prospective preschool aged students on a daily basis. Many are exploring schooling options for the first time, a...

The Language and Lingo of Couponing: Guest Post by Northshore Mama

When you think of couponing, do you imagine the Extreme Couponers from TLC with their huge binders filled with coupons and five grocery carts full causing registers to lock up upon checkout?  It can...

Prenatal Yoga in New Orleans: There’s More to it Than Om

Babies lucky enough to be born in New Orleans are not only blessed with the title of New Orleans native, but they are also fortunate that their mothers have access to a variety of nurturing wellness...

Play contributes to school readiness

Years ago I heard a definition that really captured my curiosity. It was a basic definition for a skill that we all use daily, but it was focused on the critical needs of young...