The Anti-Smocked Guide to Stylish Baby Boy Clothes

I don’t know if its because I am not from here but, I just do not love the look of smocking and dressing gowns on little boys. I much prefer the look of more modern clothes and things that just look less Little Lord Fauntleroy. Call me picky but I just don’t love shirts or onesies with cutsie animals or trucks or anything sports on them. And you will never see my kids in shirts with sayings like, “Mommy Thinks I’m Cute.” No. Just no. I like boy clothes that are simple but not too plain. I don’t mind prints or bright colors. And I tend toward things that are just a little unique.


Since finding out I was having a boy, I’ve been scouring the interwebs for new places to shop. I know all the places I like to buy girl clothes but was at a loss when it came to a little boy. So after looking high and low, I found a few pieces that I love. Some of the pieces are pretty neutral but some are more, “boyish.” Either way, all would look adorable on a brand new baby.

Freshly Picked Moccasins :: Not only was this company started by a mom, but these soft-soled shoes are beyond cute. They come in a million different color choices, including gold, which is perfect for football season! I chose the Sprout Green color because I think they are pretty neutral. The green goes with so much but stillGlacier_1_grande stands out a bit. They come in sizes to fit newborn feet up to toddlers. These will be perfect for January, when baby boy comes, keeping his feet both warm and stylish.

Fog Linen Organic Hat :: This sweet, cream colored hat is made of soft, organic cotton. The cream color lends itself to match everything while also keeping my boy’s head nice and cozy. The aviator-style, along with the little ears, make it a unique pick while also managing to stay baby-cute.

Winter Water Factory Romper :: Winter Water Factory makes modern baby clothes out of organic cotton. And big bonus: all their clothes are American made, which means supporting manufacturing jobs and getting clothes that were not produced in a sweatshop. Ethical practices aside, the clothes are beyond adorable! The prints are unexpected and fun. One of my favorite prints is the Knights and Dragons. I love that their prints carry through the collection meaning that I can get a romper, gown, hat, and blanket in the same print if I so wanted. And the Freshly Picked moccs go great with these clothes.

Bacabuche Kimono Gown :: The simplicity of this baby gown is pure perfection. The basic color and style give it a classic feel while still retaining a bit of a modern edge, with the kimono-style side closure. And the knot on the bottom is just a fun detail. This piece is on the pricier side, but I feel this gown would get plenty of use to justify the price tag.

Mor Mor Nu Hat :: What can I say? I am a sucker for adorable baby hats. And since I will have a winter baby, there is no better excuse! This one just gets me. The chin strap with button, along with the little, pointy top make for a statement piece that isn’t too over-the-top. It feels modern, while also throwing off a vintage vibe. Plus the blue and cream color makes it an excellent choice for my little boy. I cannot wait to have baby pictures taken with this hat and the Freshly Picked moccs. Cute overload!

Unfortunately, most of these pieces cannot be found locally but good news… Winter Water Factory is available at Pippen Lane and Angelique Baby. If you have any other suggestions for modern baby clothes that are not smocked, please let me know.


  1. I’m EXACTLY this type of Mom! I have 3 boys and they are always dressed like you described in your post. My 3rd is due in Nov and I would LOVE a pair of these mocs for him! Thank you for this amazing post and letting me know I’m not alone in finding cute boy clothes!

  2. My favorite is the walnut because it goes with everything but I love the denim that dropped today too!! Such a tough decision that I hope I get to make! 🙂


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