Slow and Steady on Semaglutide

Author’s Note :: I understand there is controversy around this class of drugs being prescribed off-label, for weight loss. The New Orleans Mom is not promoting the use of any medication for any use. Talk to your doctor if you are interested in hearing more about this option from a medical professional. Medical decisions are highly personal, and this post is meant to be informational about a topic that many people are interested in. This is based on my own experience and decision.

Slow and Steady on Semaglutide

After seeing my close friend lose a substantial amount of weight, I decided to try a weight loss medication. Besides my friend looking fantastic, she confided in me how many non-scale victories she has been celebrating. With her encouragement, I was excited to start my journey.

I met with my PCP at my yearly appointment, and she agreed that it would be a good thing for me to try. Ever since I was a teen, I have been overweight. I’ve tried multiple diets and weight loss plans over the years and nothing seemed to work for me. My weight has always been an issue, and I decided that I owed it to myself to try this medication that has been an incredible tool for so many people.

I started my first weekly injection in April. After watching many TikToks and Instagram reels, I expected the weight to just fly off like others have experienced. However, that has not been my journey. In four months, I’ve lost twenty five pounds, and for me personally, that’s a huge win!

I go to my consultation monthly to get weighed, and at first I was upset I wasn’t losing super fast, but I’ve realized that slow and steady is best. I’m thankful that I have been able to tolerate the medication, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Where did the food noise go?

I’ve never been a person who had no idea why they were overweight. I love food, especially good food. I’m married to a man whose love language is cooking. Besides loving food, I was someone who was always hungry. Yes, always. I would always be up for the appetizer before a meal or a dessert after. I would rarely, if ever, feel full.

The changes over the past four months have been drastic in how I view food. I’m no longer always thinking about and craving food. The amount of food I am eating now is about half of what I used to eat prior to starting the medication.

Gaining energy and confidence

Being a mom, we are always on the go. I used to feel tired all the time, but with the recent weight loss, I’m more energetic and can do more activities with my kids. I’m one who doesn’t like to be the one posing for pictures and would often try to hide from the camera. However, I’m now smiling in the pictures with my kids and taking more of them. It’s made a tremendous difference in my mental health as well.

Have you taken a weight loss medication? What is your experience? We would love to hear it!

While these medications can come with a lot of stigma around them, please take into consideration that for many people this has been a life changing drug.


  1. Yes I have tried it and it’s amazing! Like you, the NSV and lack of good noise are my favorites. Congrats on your success! So happy you’re enjoying your journey.

  2. I am on a weight loss injection, I started Oct. 1, 2023, I have lost 41 lbs. so far. Have not had any side effects. From the first day, I cut out alcohol, sugar, soda, white flour, and started eating, fresh fruit, and vegetables. I eat smaller portions and do not crave any of the things I’ve given up. I am doing this to get healthy, not for any other reason. I have had a stroke, I have high blood pressure, Afib, sleep apnea, I am 78 yrs. old, and I am feeling so much better. It’s a lot of money, but I know my health is the most important thing.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will be starting tomorrow night and I am so excited. I need to lose 60 pounds and I want to do it slow and easy so I can made a life changing habit. I eat healthy but I tend to eat to much so there is where I need change as to not thinking I have to eat everything in my plate and everyone else.


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