Traveling with Kids :: My Beach Essentials

Disclosure :: The below list includes our top beach essentials when traveling with kids, and although this post contains some affiliate links, we only recommend these tried-and-true products which we buy for our own families.

Traveling with Kids :: My Beach Essentials

I am a stickler for genius ideas and inventions to make my chaotic life seem a little less chaotic, more organized and put together. I am also a stickler for convenience. I won’t bore you with too many details on that, so I will jump right in to my top picks from Amazon for traveling with kiddos.

Bags for Groceries and/or for Dirty Laundry

These bags are a game changer. My husband usually loads the car when we head to the beach, unloads the car when we arrive to the beach and repacks up for our departure. I do help when and where I can, but rather than having 10+ grocery bags filled and trying to carry them all at once, or taking multiple trips, these bags can carry it all in one foul swoop. These bags can handle over 60 lbs., literally a strong handle.

Scalp spray and sunscreen

I don’t know about you, but sunscreen in the hair is not cute. Nor do my kids like when I put “goop” in their hair. I saw this one from an Instagram influencer and I am obsessed. Not only does it smell amazing, but it is also refreshing. My 1 year old is not a fan of wearing hats in the sun, so I was thankful for finding this. It protected her head the entire time we were at the beach. It is SPF 30 and water resistant for 80 minutes.

Kids Protein Shakes

When we go to the beach, and I am sure I am not alone here, we all wake up and want to immediately go out to the beach. Quick and healthy breakfasts ideas are not easy to come by. These Orgain shakes are my son’s favorite morning breakfast. Taste just like chocolate milk, but packed with 8 grams of protein, 22 vitamins and minerals and no artificial flavors, preservatives etc. It is also made with 10 organic fruit and veggie powders to help support their immune system. If your child is not into eating breakfast immediately, you can pack it in your ice chest of drinks for the day.

Fan and spray

My mom always says, Southern girls don’t sweat, they glisten. I like the way it sounds, but still hate to “glisten.” I know sweating is good for you but when I am dressed and not exercising, I hate sweating. The beach humidity is generally not as bad as here in NOLA, but it still can get pretty hot. Not only for me, but for my kids, too.  This H2O Spray Fan is my favorite. It can be a fan, a spritzer or both. The reservoir holds enough water for 100 spritzes.

Travel dish soap

Most condo’s or beach homes you rent have sample sizes of soap for the dishes; however, my kid’s need hypoallergenic soaps for every aspect of life. This travel dish soap is my answer for that! There are no harsh chemicals or fragrances which makes this momma happy. The size is also perfect or traveling.

Bag O Beach Bones 

The Bag O Bones Sand Toy was a hit for one of my son’s birthday gifts. If your kid loves Halloween as much as mine, this will be such a fun time for them. It encourages sand play, outdoor play and even teaches the kid’s about anatomy. It includes 14 life size molds that allows your child to construct and create a sand skeleton.

Stay Cold Bottle for Kids 

These insulated stainless steel water bottles are a game changer. My entire family uses these. You add ice and water (or any other drink) and the ice stays in the cup for at least 24 hours, if not more. This is perfect for those hot days at the beach and you want to save room for your “adult beverages” in the ice chest. This bottle is super durable and so is the plastic spout.

Anti Monkey Butt

This can be for the older kids, but it is mostly for the moms and dads who are chasing their kids around the beach. This is one of the best sweat absorbing and friction fighting body powder I have ever used. For women specifically, the lady anti-monkey butt works great in bra line, inner thighs or anywhere you need protection from extra perspiration. It contains cornstarch (talc free) and calamine powder to help smooth/soothe your skin and keep it free from chafing and irritation.

Life Jackets

This jacket is literally a “mom’s who worry” life saver. My husband loves to kayak, canoe, swim – everything in the ocean that I am terrified of doing; however, I do not want to instill my fears onto my kids (sometimes). My husband loves to take the kids to swim in the ocean, or to go on a kayak ride so I finally caved and said fine, but I purchased this life jacket for them and it makes me feel so much better (simultaneously, I must drink a high noon). This jacket is for 1 – 7 year old’s or children who weigh 22 – 50 lbs.

Umbrella & Chair 

This Sport – Brella Umbrella is perfect for the beach. It clips to any chair and is adjustable. What is even better about it is that its lining is SPF 50+ protection. Lugging those huge beach umbrellas to the beach, with kids in tow, is not an easy task. This small lightweight umbrella, still provides enough shade for one whole chair and a little of the surrounding area. With a compact carrying case and a weight of less than 2 pounds, the Versa-brella offers hassle free set-up and easy transportation. When open, the regular size canopy spans 40 x 42 inches and the XL size measures 44 x 44 inches.

Best Mom Suit 

I know this is not technically for the kids, but I would say it is for the post kids. When I say I have this suit in every color. I literally mean, I have this suit in every color. Well, maybe not literally because there are over 44 color options. This is the most flattering swimsuit I have ever owned. It is made of 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex and includes a padded push up bra, neck hook closure and see through style with a deep plunge back design. No matter where or when I wear it, I get so many compliments.


Happy Beachin’!

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