The Best Last Minute Gift Idea :: Perfect for Hosts and Coworkers

Full disclosure, I stole this idea from another Louisiana Mom who was gifted it. I love a good gift idea and decided to recreate them to gift this year.

I don’t know about you, but I am always stumped on gifts for hosts and my coworkers. I like to bring something to thank the person hosting, but I usually don’t think about it until I’m headed to their home and have to stop and grab something. For coworkers, I try to give gifts to my whole team but that means I need to find something budget friendly. 

I was stumped this year. In the past I’ve done wrapping paper, candles, decorative cookies, and gift cards. When I saw this gift idea posted, I instantly loved it. What is it??

Disposable plates and utensils!!

Hear me out.  

Everyone has a need for disposable plates and utensils when hosting or just in general. Isn’t the worst part about hosting a party or the holidays the cleanup after?? Help them minimize that with this simple gift.

How to Gift It

  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Cups
  • Ribbon
  • Gift bag (optional)
  • Gift tag

Plates: Several places sell decorative items for each season. I prefer plastic items to paper, as they are more heavy duty and more visually appealing. I found the set I used on Amazon and I divided it across 4 different gifts. You can buy a set for each gift, or buy a large set and portion out enough for each gift. TJ Maxx and Target also had several options.

Utensils: You can find these wherever you get your plates. The set I purchased on Amazon came with utensils also. I put the utensils in a plastic sleeve with a twist tie and string since I was separating a larger package into several smaller gifts. 

Cups: Throw cups in too if you are feeling fancy. 

Ribbon: Any ribbon will do. I went with a neutral color that was large enough to hold the plates together. 

Gift bag: You can gift the set as is, or put it in a gift bag or box to make transporting easier. 

Gift tag: You’ll need to add the gift tag to tie the theme of the gift all together. There are several printable options on Etsy for a few dollars, or you can design your own. 


  1. Stack everything up.
  2. Tie with a ribbon.
  3. Add the gift tag
  4. Place in a gift bag. 

Tip: If you want to add to your gift, add a gift card or a bottle of wine.

Voila! You have a quick, easy and useful gift! 

Danielle Blanco
Danielle is a native New Orleanian. She graduated from Ben Franklin and attended the University of New Orleans' undergraduate and graduate schools. She and her husband Abraham married in 2017 and welcomed their son Blaise in 2019 and son Beckham in 2021. She balances motherhood with working full time as the Director of People and Culture in the local healthcare and education industries. She is learning to embrace the chaos of life as a Mom. Danielle’s current struggle is navigating preschool options for her oldest and managing the endless appetite of her youngest. This type-A mama can usually be found on the go with a to-do list and a plan. She enjoys trying new things, thrifting, and is always in the middle of glittering or a DIY project. Additionally, she never turns down a happy hour or beach vacation. She is excited to experience New Orleans as a mom and is truly proud to call it home.


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