Spa Day at Home with your Kids to Melt the Stress Away

Spa Day at Home with your Kids to Melt the Stress Away

Ever feel the to-do list getting longer and longer? Feel like you aren’t spending enough time with your kid? Do you get the “why are you always working?” comment? Life can get overwhelming for you and for your kids. Sometimes you need to say enough at the moment. One way to unwind, create a spa day at home for you and your kiddos. You will be surprised at how your child will jump at the chance to see what Mommy loves about those spa days. 

Set the vibe by grabbing that good old essential oil diffuser. A couple of drops of either lavender, orange, sandalwood, or lemon in the diffuser will help set the mood of relaxation and stress relief. Next, tell Alexa or Google to play spa radio. Both have stations already pre-set for relaxation. If you have a SiriusXM account, Spa Radio is channel 68. You’re welcome. 

Now time for the pampering. Amazon has child friendly face masks that will surely be hit. Grab a kid’s spa headband to keep their hair dry and put a face mask on your kid. My daughter loves the masks that are animal faces. Grab your spa headband and mask. Lay on the couch next to them, set that timer and relax. Honestly, you will love to see how relaxed kids can get and how quiet. Hahaha, at least for 20 minutes. 

After that, the sky’s the limit of spa additives. Manicure or pedicure. Mini neck massages. 10 minutes of yoga. There are so many things you can add to create “the spa experience.” Meditation may be a bit harder for littles but yoga is quite enjoyable for little ones. Our good old friend YouTube has some quick 10-15 minute yoga videos geared toward kids. This can give Mom or Dad a quick stretch that well, we all need as we are getting older. 

Parents and kids will benefit from a couple of minutes to hours of stress relief. It is also some bonding time as both of you are not doing other things. No work. No school. Just good old mother-child bonding. This will also lay the groundwork to show your child that it is not all work and no play. We lead by example. Show them that adults also need a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. A spa day does not need to be expensive either. All the spa experiences can be done at home and within budget. So take some time in your day and enjoy some spa time with your child. Both Mommy and kiddo need it. 

Kristina Robertson
Kristina is originally from Miami, Florida but calls New Orleans home for the last 9 years. She got her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and her Podiatric Medical Degree from Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. Kristina and her husband moved to New Orleans to lay some roots in the Big Easy. She is currently co-owner and practitioner at NOLA Sole Podiatry. She has a lovable and amazing daughter, Victoria Isabel. In her downtime, she loves being out and about with her husband and daughter. They love trying new restaurants and going to festivals. We love exploring different cultures and cultural events here in New Orleans and loves exposing her daughter to them. She also loves going to parks with her family and furbabies. Kristina loves supporting dog rescues and wishes she could rescue all the adoptable dogs in NOLA but will settle for 2 right now.


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