Shoutout to Brittany Brees :: Hey, Brittany! Can I Call You Brittany?

Hey, girl. How you doin’? Christmas shopping, amiright? Anyway. We saw you. Me, my friends, the ladies in back, all of us. Not gonna lie, our “sports attention” was a little divided this past weekend, and we’ve already told that OTHER Louisiana football cutie how we feel… 

But during the last Saints game, when your husband was breaking records and making history and all of our dreams come true, we saw YOU. We were so glad when the camera switched to you. We saw your face, poised and beautiful as always, with just the slightest hint of irritation with the boys (Baylen is gettin’ so big!) clamoring for your attention. History bein’ made, and we can almost HEAR your sons – “Mom, can I have some NA-chos? Mom, you said Nachos! You said right before halftime we could get NA-chos!” We chuckled (Girl, BEEN THERE) at the absurdity of the situation.

You see, we are mothers. Some of us weren’t moms when you first came to town, but, then – you weren’t, either. I’m sure you hear it all the time – about the big decision that your husband made, moving to this old, broken town. When y’all were deciding to invest in New Orleans, many of us were deciding on the same thing. Many of us have lived here all of our lives, and our whole families are here, and we were trying to decide if we should leave or stay. But you moved here, and we can’t imagine it was an easy decision. Whether or not you decide to stay (10 or 15 years from now) when football days are over, you, Drew and your children will always have a home in our city.

You took us seriously when no one else did. You may have noticed – in this town, we don’t take much too seriously. Politics are a literal joke. Infrastructure? Yeah, we make t-shirts of pictures of potholes being filled with Mardi Gras beads. And our economy? Well, it’ll pick up. How, I don’t know. It’ll be fine.

The storm is so often a part of the rhetoric – but the truth is, it’s STILL a big deal to all of us. We still think about it daily. That storm MADE us take something seriously, and we still resent it. She made us angry and embittered, and so hopelessly sad.

It just so happens, we ALSO take football pretty seriously. Or, at least, we tried to. For a looooooong time. And we really couldn’t. But a couple of guys changed all that for us. You see where I’m going with this, right?

While your man was sitting here with the hopes and spirits of a whole town on his shoulders, you were there, too. We saw you. Doing a lot of the same type of stuff that we do. That’s why seeing you in that suite, knowing that your nerves were probably on edge a million times more than ours, your heart pounding, head swimming and kiddos climbing all over you… well, it’s what makes us appreciate you.

So, thank you, girl. You may hear that all the time, but it ALWAYS feels good to hear. We thank you for doing what you do, and doing it here, for us. You know that we love him – but hopefully you know that we love you, too.

Jeanne Rougelot
Jeanne is a proud Westbanker and wife, full time working parent, and middle child. She and her insanely handsome husband of 20 years have 2 daughters, aged 15 and 7. Her hobbies include cake decorating, reading, devouring movies, and slowly turning into her mother. When they are not patronizing local restaurants, she and her family enjoy driving around to take in the surroundings of their home, from Lafitte to Folsom, and all points in between. She is a passionate advocate for Ovarian Cancer Awareness.



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