Pump Up the Volume :: The Best Hair Tools and Products for Volumizing Your Locks

I’ve always had thin, flat hair. I’ve used all of the volumizing shampoos and conditioners, I’ve teased, and I’ve emptied cans of hairspray to have that closer-to-Jesus, big hair look. My hair could never hold a curl let alone some volume. Fast forward to today. I get compliments on my full, thick hair all the time. My hair will hold a curl for DAYS now. Here’s a list of my tried and true hair tools and products that helped me go from flat to full:

1. Hot Brush

First and foremost, if you do not have a tool like this at home, not only are you missing out on volumizing but just straight up convenience. Throw your blow dryer and straighteners out the window and purchase L’ange’s Le Volume (Revlon has a less expensive one that I’ve heard has good reviews). This straightener-blow-dryer-volumizer in one has been some of the best money I’ve spent on my hair. I get that straight-from-the-salon blow out look and feel after every use. What works best for me is letting my hair air dry a bit before using it. I’ll do a load of dishes or laundry before using the tool to dry and style my hair. It’s important to note that as you use this tool, you want to curl in an upward motion from root to tip to get the most out of the volumizing potential.

Driving to work after a fresh blow-out with my hot brush and with root booster product- no straightener was used.

2. Voloom

Say goodbye to teasing and hair spray because this tool is, hands down, the best one yet for volumizing! Whether I’m washing and styling my hair for an event or just wanting to freshen up a dirty, flat look, the Voloom will lift and last like no other! With a heated, checkered plate, the Voloom can heat up (quite quickly I might add) to several different temperatures ranging from 250-400 degrees. Just as I would to straighten, I section off my hair. Beginning at the root, I clamp the Voloom down for just a couple of seconds and let go. I move the Voloom down an inch and repeat the process. This essentially “crimps” your hair close to the roots. I don’t do this for my whole head of hair, just the top half of my head leaving the outer layers alone to fall and cover the crimping. For additional info on this fabulous tool and a code for a discount, you can visit BlushBasics Instagram account here for a full video tutorial in her stories and tips using Voloom.


3. Volumizing Mousse

If you’re looking to make it a couple of days without washing your hair, but want to still have a nice volumizing style to last throughout those days, L’ange’s whipped volumizing mousse is where it’s at. A dollop of this product in your towel dried hair before blow-drying (or using the Le Volume) will not only add a fuller body to your head, but your hair will cooperate much more with whichever style you choose for a few days.

4. Curling for the curling-incapable

My entire life, I’ve longed for the ability to curl my hair. To have full, think, beach wavy hair just always seemed sexier and more fun. There wasn’t enough sponge curls, curling irons, wands, hot curls, and hairspray in the world that would keep a curl on my head … until I purchased the Le Duo from L’ange. Not only does this tool provide full curls on my head, but the clasp and air vent make it super easy and manageable. Curling in a vertical motion, and slowly pulling away from my head, I am able to create voluminous curls quickly and safely. You can choose the size of your curl by the amount of hair you wish to section off to curl. There are plenty of Vloggers who have tutorials using this specific tool if you’re hesitant or unsure how to even begin.

Check out the professional help on their website too!

5. Root Booster

The name of the product says it all, but if you’re looking to add volume without heat, this product is for you. On damp, towel dried hair, you can spray L’ange’s Grand Debut root booster along your scalp and even section off a few layers to repeat. Then, comb through your hair so that the product spreads. When you blow dry your hair, you’ll notice and feel a nice lift along your roots for an added boost in your look.

6. Batiste Dry Shampoo

We all have our favorite go-to dry shampoo where we’re just trying to stretch an extra day or two without washing our hair. BUT, I was today years old when I found out that dry shampoo is NOT for dirty hair (say what?!). No! Apparently, you’re supposed to use it to PREVENT the greasy dirty look, not hide it. This has been a game-changer. My hair was always its flattest and thinnest when it was dirty and greasy. But, using this brand of dry shampoo has added more life, texture, and, therefore volume, to my hair style. I’ll typically use the dry shampoo before I go to bed on nights I didn’t wash my hair but before it gets to the point of grease and shine. I shake the bottle, spray along my roots, brush it out and hit the hay. The next morning my hair has a bit of life and texture to it so that I can style it any way I like with a nice voluminous hold throughout the day.

7. Texturizing spray

If I want my volume to last all day, a good texturizing spray gets me there. The L’ange Sea Salt Texturing Spray not only smells like the beach but keeps my styled hair looking just as good at the end of the work day as it did at the start. I’ve basically replaced my hairspray with this product. I’ve seen some vloggers claim to use the spray before styling their hair, but I find it works better as a finishing touch than a pre-styling step. I can run a brush completely through my curled hair at the end of a work day and my volume bounces right back and looks good.

This was taken after a 12 hour work day for which I used the volumizing mousse, Voloom tool, and texturing spray. check out the volume after running a brush through my curls to freshen up for dinner.

There are a plethora of products and tools out there advertising for big, sexy hair; and, mama, I feel like I have tried them ALL. These are the ones that have worked best for me and have boosted not only my hair game but my confidence as well. Let us know what your favorite products are!

Jennifer Gonzales
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