Freeze Dried Candy :: This Year’s Most Popular Stocking Stuffer

Freeze Dried Candy :: This Year’s Most Popular Stocking Stuffer

Have you heard about the new candy craze? Freeze dried…what? I’m not sure when this whole fad started but I find it rather intriguing. If you do a quick Google search, you will find tons of products to purchase from candy to cake. So what exactly is freeze dried candy?

Do you remember tasting astronaut ice cream? That freeze dried chunk of ice cream was dry and chalky. It wasn’t very appetizing. So I didn’t have high hopes for freeze dried candy but for research purposes my son and I did a sampling of a few items.

My son and I tried Skittles and Jolly Ranchers. The Skittles were these puffed up versions of themselves that had quite a crunch on them. I found them to be a bit odd but my 7 year old son loved it! The Jolly Ranchers took on a big sugary crystal form and were airy. They were pretty tasty!

So what exactly is freeze dried candy anyway?Well, it’s made by freezing candy and then placing the candy in vacuum in order to warm it up. It essentially removes all the moisture from the candy to dry it up and leaves a crunchy version of itself mostly of pure sugar crystals.

Your favorite treat can be transformed into a unique snack that has a different texture and taste! If you hop on over to TikTok you can see lots of content featuring creators making freeze dried treats and tasting them. And even during the holidays, some are freeze drying Christmas cakes.

Where to Buy Freeze Dried Candy in New Orleans

If you would like to grab a last minute stocking stuffer, you can purchase them online and a few places locally. You can find them at Laura’s Candies, The Purple Tiger Boutique, Jolie and Jax in Mandeville, and even local grocers like Rouse’s, Canseco’s and Zuppardos. There is also a young entrepreneur that runs a business called BB’s Sweet Shack who often has platters and bags for sale!

Have you tried the latest trend? What is your favorite freeze dried treat?

Mary Olivio
Mary is a caffeine addicted boy mom to Noah, Liam and Luke. This “stay at home” mom can typically been found cruising in her minivan, jamming to Beyonce with a Starbucks in hand on her way to carpool or after school activities. Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart since 2007. She is a founder of Delivering Hope NOLA and the Vanessa Wolff Scholarship Fund at her Alma Mater. Mary is passionate in the local preemie community and has been heavily involved with the March of Dimes since her sons Liam and Luke were born premature.


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