Four Easy Pet Safety Rules For Families

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Four Easy Pet Safety Rules For Families

Our four-legged friends can bring a lot of joy to our homes and families. That said, when children are in the household there are certain things to consider to ensure the happiness and well-being of all family members. We hope these four easy pet safety rules will help your family!

Supervise interactions between children and pets.

An adult should always be present during playtime with childrenFour Easy Pet Safety Rules For Families and pets, especially with younger kids. Adults should always hold the leash when taking dogs for a walk. You never know when an unexpected surprise like a loose dog or a squirrel is right around the corner.

Don’t allow a dog to jump up on or nip a child. 

Children can be an important part of the dog’s training program. Teach them that an appropriate way to ask for attention is by sitting patiently.

Set clear boundaries within the house.

Providing a place in the home where pets have privacy can decrease their stress level.  This is especially important for cats and elderly or nervous dogs. Similarly, blocking pets’ access to a child’s bedroom or playroom can prevent their things from being turned into chew toys.

Never allow a child to touch an animal while they’re eating or going to the bathroom.

Even if the child is trying to be friendly, the pet could misinterpret their actions. Most dog bites within the home occur when a dog is eating or chewing on a bone.

Following these easy tips can help make sure the entire family is safe and enjoys each other’s company!

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Becki Francis graduated from Purdue University’s animal behavior and well-being program.  Before moving to New Orleans, she rehabilitated pets with behavior issues at a no-kill animal shelter to make sure they were a good fit for their new families. She is now the laser therapy technician at Metairie Small Animal Hospital, and also practices dog massage. Becki and her boyfriend Adam Moos offer dog training services in the greater New Orleans area. They live with their four dogs, a Doberman, two Pitbulls, and a mixed-breed dog, in Algiers.


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