Five Reasons Why A Psychoeducational Evaluation is Worth the Investment in Your Student

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Five Reasons Why A Psychoeducational Evaluation is Worth the Investment in Your Student

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted in a new position for many parents, namely that of teacher. As parents have adjusted to the role of teacher, many may be surprised at the approaches their child takes to learning. Further, many questions may have popped up regarding how their child learns, whether they have a learning difficulty, or what their true potential is. Many of these questions can be answered by a good psychoeducational evaluation. A psychoeducational evaluation, while sometimes pricey (can run upwards of $1800), can answer many of these questions and is worth the investment in money and time.

Five reasons why a psychoeducational evaluation is worth the investment in your student:

#1 It will show you what kind of learner your child is.

Is your child an audio learner, or more of a visual learner? Do they study better by reading, or listening to the material? A psychoeducational evaluation can show you the most efficient and effective ways for your child to study and master academic material.

#2 It will show you whether there is in condition like ADHD affecting your child’s learning.

Many parents may be questioning whether the excessive energy or distractibility they’ve seen in their children is typical for their age or if it means they have underlying attentional disorder such as ADHD. Psychoeducational evaluations will compare your child’s behaviors to that of other children of their same age and grade. These behaviors will be compared to known symptoms of attentional disorders to determine whether the behaviors you are seeing are related to an attentional disorder and warrants treatment.

#3 It can show whether your child has a learning disorder.

Psychoeducational evaluations take close looks into all aspects of learning including. For
example, it will examine reading speed, reading accuracy, reading comprehension, and phonemic processing to determine whether there is an issue such as dyslexia affecting their reading. Learning disorders can affect a variety of academic skills including reading, writing, and mathematics. The psychoeducational evaluation will reveal whether your child has a learning disorder and what if any treatments would be necessary.

#4 It will show you what types of supports are needed for your child to be the best learner possible.

Some children need extra time to do their best work, others need quiet environments. Some require notetaking support so that they can listen to lectures rather than take notes.
Psychoeducational evaluations will outline what personal strategies and environmental changes would help your child to put forth their best academic performance. Accommodations can be applied informally, while at home, or formally, such as on standardized assessments such as the ACT and SAT.

#5 It will show you your child’s potential and help you to understand whether their potential is being met.

Psychoeducational evaluations nearly always include an IQ assessment. This assessment often reflects your child’s potential and can show you what their intellectual needs are and whether they are being met.

Psychoeducational evaluations are a good tool to help outline your child’s strengths, and weaknesses and to individualize their educational experiences as much as possible. Whether through homeschooling, distance learning, or traditional classroom learning, a psychoeducational evaluation will provide answers to parents and teachers alike to help your student be their best self. And while the price can be daunting, many insurance companies will cover at least part of the evaluation, so it’s always good to find a provider who accepts insurance.

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