Love on Another Level {Joy in Fatherhood}

We are forever thankful. As a same sex couple, we never imagined that we would be allowed to adopt children. We grew up in an era where that was never going to happen. We were judged simply because we were gay. But how times have changed, and for the better. We fostered and adopted the two most beautiful children in the world! We knew love on one level, but wow! The unconditional love that children show for their parents is amazing. And the love we have for our children is a love that I didn’t even know could exist!

Adoption, conservatism and growth

I grew up in a very conservative household. In fact, my adoptive parents (yes, I was adopted too!) haven’t communicated with me in over 10 years simply because I got married to another man. My parents even excluded all my siblings because they spoke to me. They remain secluded from their own family. Still, I am forever grateful that I was brought up in a loving family. As a child, I felt and knew the love of my parents. But I will never be able to understand how they could exclude their own children from their lives, later in life, simply because of my sexual orientation and because my siblings maintained communication with me.
Why? I can’t imagine my life without my boys – now or ever!!  We are “older” parents at 50 while our boys are 6 and 10. They keep us young. They make us realize that every minute is special. They are the sunshine in our good days and our rainbows in the rough days. They are our lives!


Before we go to bed, there are loving kisses and prayers. When we wake up, they are there to give us hugs and kisses. Every morning, my youngest comes on my side of the bed, puts my right arm behind his back, and watches the morning news with us. When they go off to school, they both throw kisses from the car. When I pick them up from school, they always are beyond happy and tell me how much they love me.

For this, and so much more, we are forever thankful. Father’s Day is simply our thanksgiving. We have been blessed!

About Ron

Ron first came to New Orleans in 1994 as the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Algiers Point. He has served in many roles since then – as the Executive Director of Algiers Economic Development Foundation and Westbank Redevelopment Corporation. Ron also worked at New Orleans City Hall for Councilmember Kristin Gisleson Palmer. He currently is employed with Webre Consulting. He is actively involved in the Westbank community of Gretna, where he now resides with his husband of 10 years, Ronnie Gauthreaux, and their two boys, Freddy and Camryn. Ron serves on the Board of Directors for Young Audiences Charter School in Gretna, where his two sons attend school. He enjoys exploring the city and going back to the communities is which they live and work.



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