5 Reasons You Should be Following SharonSaysSo

Why You Should Follow Sharon Says So on InstagramI hope that many of you have at least heard of her. If you have not heard of her, let me introduce you to the best thing to come out of quarantine :: Sharon McMahon (with a silent “ho”), aka @SharonSaysSo. She describes herself as follows:

a former high school government and law teacher on a mission to combat political misinformation. You may know me from my viral Instagram account @SharonSaysSo, and I’m dedicated to sharing non-partisan facts about the US government and democracy.

That concisely describes this woman I so respect and admire. Perhaps due to my background in the law and love of all things history, but honestly I believe that only scratches the surface. I think every human being should – at a minimum – follow her and watch her Instagram stories daily. I strongly believe the world would be a better place if we all heard her words on a regular basis.

You will get a free education

Her unbiased coverage of past and current events is informative and delivered in a way that is simple to understand. Quite frankly, I find the mainstream media (on both sides of the political divide) to be an anxiety producing and biased machine. I prefer facts and information. Enter SharonSaysSo. She gives us the facts, which you can like or dislike, but that does not change what they are. In her words, “facts don’t require your approval.” I promise you will be unable to decipher on which side of the political aisle she sits. Meaning, you can trust her factual presentation because it is not shrouded in bias or spun to serve an agenda or narrative. Sharon is a former government and law teacher and her ability to break down the information in a way that is easily digestible makes her a national treasure. In addition to the wealth of information she shares daily on her Instagram page, she also holds affordable virtual workshops, aka “Government for Grownups.” Lastly, her podcast covers a broad range of topics from The Oregon Trail, Setting Boundaries to Why Texas Cannot Secede. The added bonus is that it is family friendly (unlike the true crime podcasts I frequently listen to).

You will laugh

Why you should follow SharonSaysSo on InstagramOh, will you laugh. From her clothing subscription try-ons to her singing ability, her artistic talent to her recently replaced cookie monster robe, Sharon never takes herself too seriously and reminds us to do the same. She is effortlessly hilarious and I personally appreciate the smatterings of lighthearted posts in a world where the content feels perpetually heavy. If you already know about Sharon, you are chuckling recalling some of her finest moments. If you haven’t, go watch her highlights on IG.

You will cry

In addition to educating the masses on a daily basis, Sharon is a philanthropist. The community she has built, the self proclaimed “Governerds,” have raised $2.6 million in grants to teachers, forgiven $147,000,000 in medical debt for 74,474 people, and hundreds of thousands were raised this past holiday season to help families in need. Sharon shares heartbreaking history lessons that are vital in order for us to move forward. You will mostly laugh and be informed, but be prepared to shed some tears along the way.

You will be hopeful for our future

You will hear the facts from Sharon, and then you will also hear from fellow Americans (conservatives, liberals and moderates). You will come to the quick realization that there is much common ground, contrary to the what the mainstream media is spinning. You will discover commonality between other Americans who vote differently or share differing opinions. You will see the goodness in human beings in their replies to polls regarding current issues. It will bring you hope in a way that regurgitated stories with obvious agendas cannot. You will hear facts presented in a way that makes you confident that the world is not in peril.

You will be a better human being

Hearing heroic stories of people past and present will restore your faith in humanity. I have seen the goodness in people through the donations that poured in. I have seen the kindness in people’s hearts through their responses to Sharon’s questions on IG. I have read about true courage and strength thanks to one of Sharon’s book recommendations, “The Woman They Could Not Silence.” When you know better, you can do better. I encourage you to inform yourself, from an unbiased and factual source so that we can all be better. I find myself full of more compassion, understanding and willing to find common ground with those with whom I disagree. All of that has been fostered by Sharon McMahon. So give her a follow, subscribe to her podcast, sign up for a class. You can thank me later.


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