The Faux-Gel Manicure for Only $6

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The Faux-Gel Manicure for Only $6

I like having my nails look polished. It looks nice, and it brings me joy. Getting a gel manicure has become almost a necessity of my grooming process to keep up my appearance and feel those cute girly vibes that my kids slowly peck away. However, over the years, it has become a very expensive grooming habit; and, with a solid gel manicure lasting roughly two weeks, paying about $40 every couple weeks adds up — not to mention the time I spend actually getting the manicure and even the removal of the gel for the new manicure. I mean, I tend to just peel it off like many of you I’m sure, but even that takes time and effort to remove everything and then I have to treat the brittle nails underneath. It was exhausting my time and my wallet, until I found imPRESS Nails by Kiss.

Saving money AND looking good!

Check out those nails after a full week at a baseball tournament.
Slapped those babies on in the car moments before this pic.

I stumbled across this press-on nail brand via Amazon. I’m very skeptical of anything that’s press-on as I don’t want it to look like I was playing with my 6yo daughter’s play kit. However, when I saw the incredibly low price and the 19,000+ positive reviews, it was too cheap not to try. There were a variety of colors – neutral and vibrant – and the prices ranged from $5-$7 (that beats the $40 manicure ANY day). I went ahead and purchased several, “Baby Why So Blue,” “Frosting,” and “Pick Me Pink” – 3 lighter colors that were cute and stylish. They come in sets of 30 so you will definitely be able to find your specific nail size and even have plenty left over to wear again if you really liked the color.

Each small box comes with a set of instructions as well as an alcohol wipe and a small file to clean and prep your nails. The prep is key in order for the nails to stick and last. I even washed my hands and used some nail polish remover of my own just to make sure my nails were nice and clean. Each nail is numbered and has a small clear tab that you peel off just before you press on. Once on, you hold it down for a few seconds and voila! Another great thing with these nails is that once they’re on, you can absolutely clip and file to get them the shape and size you want. I tend to like my nails really short, so I clip and file all of them once pressed on, and they do not budge!

But do they last?

Heck Yeah! Not only do they last the two weeks my gel manicures lasted, but they also never chip or peel! In fact, one pair lasted me a solid 3 weeks! With the first pair I tried, I made a point not to hold back in getting my hands dirty and doing all the Mommy things such as washing hair, changing diapers, picking little noses, buckling car seats, washing dishes, fixing hair, and peeling shrimp just to name a few. They still were the shiny, neat, primped faux manicure look I was aiming for.

Once the nails start to reach the end of their two-week-or-so run, they do start to lift ever so slightly. It’s not noticeable to others, however, I’m someone who likes to run my hands through my hair often, so sometimes my hair gets caught under the nail at this point. It’s certainly not a deal breaker for the amazing result, though. And, because they come in a set of 30, I don’t necessarily have to make the one set last two weeks. I can easily change out a nail or two with a new one if I notice a lift or one starts to shift or move (which hasn’t happened often for me).

This is THE trifecta of nail grooming.

They’re cheap, easy, and cute! When I tell you I’m spending only an eighth of what I normally spend to get my nails done and taking only 5-7 minutes to put on, I am not exaggerating. One time, I was in such a rush getting ready for a dinner, that I grabbed one of my boxes to put on while in the car riding to the restaurant. I slapped a nail on each finger, cut and filed them, and BAM! I was ready to go and looking good!

This particular set I intentionally left long as I was heading to a Barbie themed party — the perfect color and nail set!

Now, what I save in spending, I do lose in proper nail grooming. My cuticles and nail beds aren’t getting the amount of attention as before, but my nails are still looking cute and colorful and my bank account is looking even better. So, what are you waiting for?! I challenge you to try just one of the many cute options, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be stuck on this brand like the fake nails on your hand.

Jennifer Gonzales
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