Never Vacuum Again :: How the Roomba Saved My Sanity

The Problem

I used to sweep and/or vacuum 4-5 times per day. With four children and a shedding dog, it’s a never-ending cycle of feeding the kids and cleaning up after them. We have primarily hard surface floors with a few area rugs. This means both sweeping and vacuuming constantly. The babies drop food and the dog eats only what she likes (she hates peas). The big kids walked through the mess and those peas got smushed or kicked under the table. It was overwhelming and the effort often felt fruitless.

The Solution

For months, my husband brought up the Roomba. He sent me links and notified me of sales. I just couldn’t bring myself to justify the spend. Let’s face it, those things are expensive. After a particularly aggravating day of cleaning, I gave in and ordered the Roomba 870 from Amazon. I have never once regretted it. 

The Decision

The day it came in, we set it to run every day at 1 am. We put the docking station in the dining room, because logic. I ran it 3 times that day. It gently and quietly bounced around my dining room table and chairs, over the area rug and under the table. It graced the bottoms of the curtains without ever once tugging on them. It also has an awesome feature that stops it from going down stairs or ledges. I watched in awe as it completely cleared the dining room floor in 10-minutes-flat.

Why the Roomba 870?

We chose the 870 because it’s quieter than older models, has an advanced suction system and upgraded HEPA filter that is great for pet hair. Roomba has a corner brush (that works brilliantly, by the way), while other brands don’t. The cartridge that holds the dirt is large and only needs to be emptied once-per-day.

The 880 has a remote control and lighthouses which create a trail for the Roomba to more easily return to the dock.

The 980 has connected features which look interesting but are first generation and seem to be the main upgrade. The other upgrade is the carpet mode that reviewers say is unreasonably loud.


Suddenly, I find myself being able to sit down with my kids during meals. I wipe their hands and faces, throw the plates in the dishwasher and play with the children while the Roomba sweeps. Gone are the hours I used to spend cleaning floors. Added bonus? The kids are careful to pick up their toys before going to bed for fear DJ Roomba will eat them. I call that a WIN.

Are you thinking about investing in a Roomba? Let me know how much you love it!


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